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Sticking With The Issues – 60 Days Out

Picking up on yesterdays discussion, how about the student loan bail out? If you’re for it and support additional bailouts and higher amounts, then you know how to vote. If you’re against this activity you have another choice.

In fact, the whole question about spending is on the table. If you’re concerned about the budget, deficit and future bills, you have a choice. Continued one party rule or another path?

On the deficit, if you believe the deficit is down as some claim, you can vote for more of the same.
If you believe that it is just because we stopped spending trillions on covid and the deficit is actually higher than before that spending, then you have another choice.

If you approve of continuing to take one million gallons of gas from the strategic reserve daily to artificially keep the price down, you know how to vote. If you are concerned that we are continuing to do that and the reserve today is at the lowest level since 1985, you have another choice.
The question: Is the reserve for our failure to utilize resources available, or for a national emergency?

And when they say they are doing all possible to fix the issue, if you believe it, you have your choice.
If you don’t, you have another choice.
Here’s a chart published yesterday by “Unleash Prosperity.” Take a look, it may help.

If we were just doing the average, would oil prices, inflation and the impact on our lives be what it is today?

Let’s talk jobs. If you believe we have created all these jobs, a record for a new administration, your choice is clear. If you believe that the jobs are simply people going back after the pandemic, then you have another choice.
Consider this.
The workforce participation today, despite all the claims of job growth, is still below February 2020, the month before the pandemic. 1% below, or equivalent of about 1.6 million people.

Let’s consider pay scale and raises. If you like the 4-5% pay increases and believe the touting of it, your choice is clear. If you think a 4 or 5% raise leaves you behind in a world of 8% rising prices, you have another choice.

If you think hiring 87,000 new IRS agents to go after the super rich is a good idea, you have your choice. If you think those agents will be going after more than the super rich, like you, you have another choice.

2022 Will Not Change It All. It Can Change One Party Rule, And That Can Make A Difference.

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