Looking At The Midterms…

Why Aren’t These Issues Front & Center?

In the mid terms 2022, Donald Trump and Mar-a Lago are not on the ballot. These issues are:

Let’s start with Fentanyl. An illegal drug having a devastating impact on communities and the nation, affecting every ethnic group and leaving a horrific trail of misery and death.
Why does the administration not talk about it? Why isn’t the media (outside right leaning media) covering this?
Think about the coverage of guns.
The average death rate from Fentanyl today is just about 50% higher than guns. Our young are being killed at higher rates daily, where’s the discussion on this?

Where are the drugs coming from?
They are coming across the border that the administration keeps saying is closed. Thus, they can’t talk about it, and if asked they answer we have captured record amounts of Fentanyl this year. The questions end there.
Well, don’t you think if they are intercepting a record amount, that means a record amount is also getting across? Doesn’t the ever increasing number of deaths illustrate that?
Where are the Republicans on this? Where is the MSM? Who is going to recognize the issue and take it on?

Related to how the drugs are coming here, where is the VP who is in charge of fixing the border and never mentions it, visits it or calls to talk with Latin American Leaders to fix the “root cause”?
Why isn’t the border an issue? We never hear it on the MSM, except on local news as Gov. Abbott sends a bus load of crossers to their sanctuary city.
Why do these sanctuary city Mayors, like in NY and Chicago, continue to complain about Abbott’s actions?
They declared themselves sanctuaries. Why is Abbott doing something wrong? He has thousands arriving illegally daily.
Why aren’t they mad at the President and his VP border czar because they created the problem?
Who is going to take this on and work to fix the border?

Crime. We made police the issue and elected DA’s who let criminals loose. Look at the number of crimes some commit. People don’t feel safe and this issue is waiting for action. Some actually called for “defunding” the police. With crime soaring they deny it. Will people remember?
Who is going to do what now?

Inflation. Who was right about inflation and what caused it?
I think the rising oil prices and out of control spending did.
They will now tell us prices are down. Like Gas? Down?
Down from the records you drove it up to, but $1.50 above where it was before you stopped U.S. energy independence.
One side says spending more reduces inflation, the other says no way.
Who is best to fix it now?

California is banning all new non electric vehicles in 2035, and seventeen states are preparing to follow suit.
I believe EV’s are the future, but not fully in a decade.
Why, I ask again, are we not moving toward hybrids as we perfect electric vehicles? Why are we not rationally moving instead of forcing a solution not ready? Why aren’t we producing EV’s and hybrids and let people ease into it as we make all better?
I looked at EV vehicles and then calculated this. I visit family 112 miles away, so a 224 round trip.
The batteries in these new releases, at their peak average in this range. Thus, I would have to stop and charge to be sure of getting home. With my hybrid I don’t use a half tank of gas.
One day the battery will exceed the hybrid and people like me will want to buy it.
Don’t force what’s not ready, and let’s not bring up California’s request not to charge batteries this week.
I think America will listen to a sane solution. Who will present it?

More Tomorrow. The Issues in 2022 Are Big.

1 thought on “Looking At The Midterms…”

  1. If our military Generals and Admirals had courage the country would have been under martial law long ago to get things back on the RIGHT TRACK !!!!!

    The politicians on both sides should be thrown to the wayside and younger ,35-50 year old’s should be voted in !!!!

    George Soros and his entire family should be put in EXILE, to say the least !!!!

    All the so-called LEFTIST’s/SOCIALISTIC sympathizers that we have in this country, should also be EXILED !!!!

    To put it bluntly,today we have no President or Vice President today,,,,our Fore Father’s are turning in their graves with whats going on today in this great country of ours !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wake up TRUE AMERICANS and smell the coffee,,,we are on the verge of an IMPLOSION !!!!!!

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