The End Of Summer – On To Fall…

62 Days To The Mid Terms And America’s Future

The midterms this year will decide in what direction the nation goes. It comes down to this for me:
– Do Americans care more about inflation and the nation’s direction or abortion?
– Can Democrats make it more about Trump than Republicans can about Biden?
With the country so clearly divided, just about in half, which issues motivate the voters the most?
Did Donald Trump’s endorsement of only candidates who called 2020 stolen cost the Republicans the senate?
Can Democratic candidates truly run away from Biden after voting for his polices for two years?
Will people believe the hype that gas prices are down; or remember they are up $1.50 under the administration?
Are we satisfied with the border control? Do they believe it’s closed? Do they know since the MSM is not reporting it?
What part will the MSM and social media play in the outcome considering their bias?

If you look at what the Democrats have been able to accomplish with a four seat advantage in the House and a 50/50 senate, you have to be amazed.
Amazed, at either their leadership, capability and party discipline, or lack of diversity of thought, and if their loyalty is to party above all else.

Two months ago the thought was Republicans win the House with a record number from their party. The Senate was a toss up, but they had a shot.
Today the polls show the Democrats favored and pulling away in the Senate. The House is a toss up, but with the leaning that Republicans will have a small – ten or so seat – advantage.
A true switch in two months. Two months. Exactly the time frame we have before the mid term elections. i

We’ll Be Covering It Closely From Here. Stay Tuned.

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