It’s Lost Values…

Now We Reward The Wrong Things

For me the President’s decision yesterday to magically take away student debt is just the latest example of lost values, why the nation is headed in the wrong direction and has little time to save itself.
In America we built the nation on hard work, people pulling themselves up by their bootstraps, paying their way and being responsible for their actions.
Today we are doing the opposite.
If, you were responsible and paid the debt you took — you lose. We are rewarding those who didn’t.
If, you scrimped and saved to pay your child’s college, so they could graduate without debt — you lose.
We are rewarding those who did all the things you denied yourself.
If, you chose a career that required technical training so you could build a business and not incur debt — you lose. We are rewarding those who partied away, and you will help their debt.
If, you followed the agreement and rules you signed — you lose.
We are rewarding those who laughed at them.
If, you bought a smaller place to live, a less expensive car, didn’t take that vacation or go somewhere because you had a loan to pay — you lose.
We are rewarding those who didn’t do that.

As far as I am concerned, every aspect of the program announced yesterday is wrong and rewards behavior opposite of those we should be rewarding.
And it is only step one, because the progressive left is angry that the debt relief is not as Chuck Schumer said — “$50,000.”
If, as evidenced in CD19 in New York this week (an open congressional seat that went Democrat because of one issue – abortion), the mid terms are the same, it is over.

The cost of this program is estimated to be $300 to $600 billion dollars.
Who pays if not the person who took the loan?
The answer is the same as all deficit spending, we do and our children do.
The height of selflessness today is passing of debt to our children.
The exact opposite of the values of our parents and grandparents.

Can anyone tell me why no one mentions the colleges, their rising costs, and endowments?
Harvard has a $42 billion endowment. Yale $31 billion, Stanford, Princeton and Massachusetts Institute of Technology all have endowments between $18 billion and $29 billion.
The University of Pennsylvania, Texas A&M, Notre Dame, University of Michigan and Columbia have endowments between $11 and $15 billion.

Why is it our problem to pay their student’s loan debt of $10,000 (or $20,000 for a couple or anyone with a Pell Grant) “educated” there?
If their students can’t pay after attending, let them pay. Oh, that would be too much responsibility in America today.

Another Example Of Lost Values

Everyday you watch the news and you see these unprovoked and vicious attacks on innocent citizens in the street. Someone walks up and cold cocks an unsuspecting person walking, often from behind. You see the brazen attacks, the mob robberies in stores, and the random killings.
As I watched the latest, a thought crossed my mind. I know my children and grandchildren would never do anything like that. In fact, I thought, I don’t know one person who would. Do you?
Then I realized we raised our kids with values, the values our parents passed to us. Not only were these hoodlums not, they are living in a society that tells them it’s not their fault, to the point we don’t take them off the street. So once again we are rewarding the wrong behavior because of lost values.

If, like CD19 in NY, the only issue is abortion, then we are not fixing the situation. NY, by the way, was not affected by the Dobbs Abortion decision in any manner.

One More Media Failure Example

Remember the police shooting in Atlanta outside a Wendy’s that led to riots, chaos and the burning down of the restaurant? It was covered extensively by the media.
As a reminder:
Rayshard Brooks had fallen asleep in his vehicle while in the drive-thru line when police were called in. Video footage captured the altercation between the officers and Brooks. As they attempted to arrest him for drunkenness, the 27-year-old suddenly started fighting with the officers. During the fight, Brooks grabbed one of the officer’s taser and turned and fired it at one of the officers as he fled. It was at that point that he was shot twice by one of the officers.

Well, the Atlanta police officers involved in the shooting were cleared of all charges this week. Did you hear that? Who pays to rebuild the Wendy’s and for all the looting that occurred? Is anyone responsible now? You blamed the police, it wasn’t them.
Lost values of right and wrong.

We Have Lost Our Values. Let’s Hope It Is Reversible.

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