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Politics First

Let’s start with a sports phrase “and down goes Cheney.”
Down she did go losing by 38%. That’s not a loss, that’s a rejection.
She was defiant in her concession speech saying this was not the end, but a beginning.
She then compared herself to President Lincoln. She hinted at a Presidential run. All I have read on Lincoln tells me how magnanimous he was. Cheney comes across as vindictive and angry.
I have news for her and the MSM who temporily love her.
If a Republican can’t win in Wyoming, you are not winning anywhere.

In Alaska we got the muddled mess we thought with their change in policy. The top four vote getters move on to the general election. So Lisa Murkowsi and the Trump backed Kelly Tshibaka both moved on.
The same for the sole Alaska congressional seat where Sarah Palin moved on.
As for who won the remaining months of deceased Rep. Young’s term, we won’t know for 7-10 days as they count votes and then utilize the ranked voting system implemented.
Don’t we continue to complicit things in our elections?

Things That Made Me Say “WHAT?”

The report this week said we left behind more than $7 billion of military hardware, ranging from howitzers to sniper rifles, in Afghanistan. This included more than $923 million worth of military aircraft; $4.1 billion worth of ground vehicles; and more than $511 million worth of weapons.
When you add we were told that Al Queda was out of the country, and yet we just killed their leader there, and while we were lied to on how many we left behind, you see what a failed withdrawal program and policy this was.
Besides the fact that Ukraine could use that hardware, what military leaves this equipment behind for their enemy?
It was a totally failed leadership program, from the top down. A non biased media would be all over this.

While on failed polices, how about this you didn’t see covered in the MSM.
Border Patrol agents caught 10 more terrorism suspects at the U.S.-Mexico boundary in July. Oh, that’s nice. How many got away, too?
Fentanyl seizures at the southern border also hit an all-time high, suggesting the overall flow of the deadly drug is skyrocketing. Customs and Border Protection reported catching 2,072 pounds of fentanyl at the border, up from 640 pounds in June. In fact July’s seizure was enough to kill every American alive today.
Officials believe that seizures are a yardstick of overall flow, so the more seized, the more is likely getting through.
Our citizens are dying from this illegal drug. How come the administration doesn’t care?
Oh yea, they told us the border is closed. Where is the media on this?

Remember Seattle and the “summer of love?” It featured the takeover known as the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest, or CHOP.
Well, here’s the result the biased media won’t tell you about:
The city has yet to recover.
The Seattle Police Department said violent crime soared 20% last year. Property crime was up 9%. Even worse, shootings in the city were up 75% in the first five months of this year despite tough gun safety laws.
Now, in the past two years, the Seattle Police Department has lost about one fourth of its officers, including its Police Chief (Carmen Best). She blamed the “defund the police” movement for the hundreds of police resignations, including her own. “Crime has increased everywhere. We’ve got poverty, drugs, everything,” said a guard at Pike Place Market, a popular tourist destination.
A survey showed residents blame the spike in crime on elected officials bowing to the “defund the police” movement. What a surprise.

Explain why racial bias is okay here.
Minneapolis Public Schools will lay off or reassign White teachers before taking the same action with “educators of color” if cuts are needed. Alpha News reported that the policy was part of a deal struck between MPS and the teacher’s union Minneapolis Federation of Teachers (MFT) last March to end a two-week strike. One of the proposals ratified during the collective bargaining agreement included “educator of color protections.” The report said that if a nonwhite teacher is the subject of “excess” — a term used to describe cutting a position — it must instead lay off the least senior White teacher.
Folks, when you lose the sense of right and wrong, you have lost your way and future.
Did you see this in the MSM?

One more from an enlightened city. NYC.
Lot’s of coverage this weekend about a transit worker cleaning a subway car who ended up in the hospital as he helped someone being attacked. His union was all over the airwaves demanding more safety. I suggest this union take a look to see if they supported Mayors DeBlasio and now Adams. You might want to support some candidates who are for citizen safety.
Anyway, this poor transit worker has been featured on the air and in print from his hospital bed badly injured.
The NY Police made an arrest last night. The person arrested had 42 arrests on his record. He was also the person who was arrested a few months back for cold cocking an Asian Grandmother as he passed her, and the video was all over the air.
He threw scalding coffee on two traffic agents. He has been analyzed as mentally disturbed, but just let back on the streets to harm and maim.
So now with arrest number 42, his bail is a whopping $5,000. He will be back soon. NYC votes for that.

Lastly, here’s an interesting stat on NYC.
With crime soaring, people are shunning the subway. Thus, car ownership surged 224% last year. Wait, we want less pollution, more mass transit usage. Where are they going to park? Where’s the electric outlets?
Do people understand their vote and the people they elect make a difference?

Our Vote Counts. Vote Your Interests And Our Future.

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