The Dog Days Of August…

A Bill, A Raid And An Election

The news cycle is trying to slow down, but a bill signing, Mar-a-Lago and some primaries in key states are breaking through. Let’s do a quick review:

The President is leaving vacation to sign what he calls the inflation reduction bill. He will fly to Washington from South Carolina to sign the bill, then helicopter to his vacation home in Delaware.
There will be lots of coverage and the debate on the bill will continue. I was asked yesterday why we needed the inflation reduction bill if, as the President claims inflation is, at zero.
For me the question is why do we continue to spend, spend and spend?
Does anyone care about the debt we are creating and passing on? Why can’t we reduce spending and balance the budget, then move on reducing the debt?
Are Americans today so much about “give me” that they don’t care about tomorrow?

The search/raid is all over the news as the media plays this now as the latest Trump story. We still don’t know why the act was authorized and that fuels the news stories.
I was thinking about this and thought this could well have happened like this.
The former President and team didn’t accept the election results. They were concentrating on every rumored challenge. At some point did he and his team just start packing boxes without the due diligence needed? When he got to Mar-a-Lago he was no doubt depressed (as all Presidential election losers are) and never even went into the boxes? That wouldn’t surprise me.

Primaries today.
Wyoming is up and today we’ll see how voters in the state feel about Liz Cheney and the ads she has run with her Dad. The vote her opponent gets is a totally anti Liz Cheney one, that was the basis of her entire campaign.
Watch Cheney’s words after the election. She won’t be going away, but rumors of her running for President are ludicrous at best.
Then we have Alaska where Senator Murkowski, another anti Trump target, is up. Now Alaska changed its primary rules. The top four vote getters qualify for the general election, so she will make it through. it is the November election to watch. They have ranked voting in November now. This may well hurt her.
In the same Alaska primary, Sarah Palin is attempting a comeback running for congress. There will actually be two elections on Tuesday – one to fill the remainder of the current term (Congressman Young passed away), the other is the primary for November’s general election.
Because of ranked voting for the first time, it will take a week to sort out the winner.

Meanwhile the Trump supporters continue to decry a double system of justice. Two examples in the news today:
Trump’s former business tax accountant, Allen Weisselberg, is said to be in a deal with New York prosecutors to plea on Trump’s taxes. He faces jail time but is said to not be cooperating. Trump supporters are still waiting to hear the results of the Clinton Foundation Tax review. Where did the money come from and go?

Then, Rudy Giuliani was announced as a target of the Georgia criminal investigation into the 2020 election.

Lastlyy, today it was tough for many to watch the Taliban celebrate the anniversary of their takeover of the Afghan capital and recall the hasty escape of the west. Not much coverage of the issues and those left behind. Remember when we were told there were about a hundred left behind?
Then hundreds more were rescued? Now we are told there are 800 still left behind.
How many know that? Why hasn’t the MSM reported this? We were bluntly lied to.

What does the country look like today? Here’s a report on the anniversary:
“The former insurgents struggle to govern and remain internationally isolated. The economic downturn has driven millions more Afghans into poverty and even hunger, as the flow of foreign aid slowed to a trickle.” 
What about life for women in Afghanistan?:
“Teenage girls are still barred from school and women are required to cover themselves head-to-toe in public, with only the eyes showing.”  
Image life for woman who got a taste of freedom, education, the chance to do things and are now back to dark ages. How come the MSM, who is so concerned about rights for all has not covered this?

Hope Your Tuesday Is A Good One.

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