Here We Go Again…

The Issues Go Round and Round

Mar-a-Lago remains front and center with both sides as divided. The search or raid (according to your view) was either justifiable or another example of the double justice in the nation.
I’ll repeat what I did Friday, a lot depends what news you watch and read.
The MSM was clear all weekend this was a clear violation by the former President and he broke the law.
Conservative media was sure this was just another attempt to get the President and he had been open and cooperating with the DOJ, then they did this to get him again.
For me it remains this.
Give me the facts, just the facts. When we have that, we’ll know the truth.

And for the record, the last thing I want to hear are proven liars like Adam Schiff on Sunday shows questioning Trump’s defense. We agree Trump’s credibility is limited, but it’s far greater than Schiff’s as I see it. Of course, no MSM has ever questioned him about his proven Russian Collusion lies. They welcome him for more.

In fact, the Sunday shows were ridiculous.
As an example, Sen. Klobuchar condemned GOP criticism of the FBI following the search. She actually labeled it as “dangerous to our country.” This is the same person who condemned the Clinton investigation of destroyed emails and hammered phones – after they were subpoenaed.
The hypocrisy of politicians changing sides because of people and not standing for principle and right is disturbing.

What About These Issues and Happenings?

I rail on the media and say they are biased. Here’s a story from a former NYT reporter that is incredible.
Remember when there was all the bi-partisan talk about police reform and Senator Tim Scott had a proposal that had gained traction and was moving toward a vote after the George Floyd killing?
Well, Bari Weiss, a now former NYT reporter tells the story of an op-ed that Scott wrote about his plan for the newspaper. There was a discussion about whether to report it, after all Scott is a Republican.
“There was a discussion about the piece and whether or not we should run it. And one colleague, a more senior colleague, said to a more junior colleague who was pushing for the piece, ‘Do you think the Republicans really care about minority rights?'”
Think about that.
Tim Scott is a minority. He rose up from the worst of poverty to a seat in the U.S. Senate.
If that wasn’t bad enough, read this:
After more discussion, the senior colleague said:
“Let’s check with Senator Schumer before we run it.”
So in a major issue of the time, the newspaper wanted to check with the Democratic Senator Leader to see if they should run an op-ed from a minority Republican Senator – who was asked by the party to lead their effort.
The NYT never ran the piece.
Now ask yourself, could you ever conceive the Times going to Sen. McConnell to see if they should run a liberal Democratic piece?
The answer is no, for two reasons. One is their bias and the second is journalistic integrity.

The administration, and President in particular, talk of labor unions and how much they support them.
Well, maybe not at places that don’t openly support them. Look at what happened to ICE this weekend.
The administration delivered a death sentence to the labor organization that represents thousands of employees at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The Federal Labor Relations Authority’s decision erases the National ICE Council and leaves its 7,600 members, mostly deportation officers, without a collective bargaining agreement or union representation, members said.
Not much coverage, right? Why not?

I heard over the weekend from the administration that false claim there was “zero per cent inflation in July.” Because of the MSM reporting, how many do you think believe that? A good percent I would bet.
It’s so misleading that if Trump had said it they would have brought impeachment calls.
From July to July, year to year the inflation rate is 8.5%.
Because July was not above June they are claiming zero inflation. Would you have the gall to tell the working families their costs are not up? I would feel guilty doing that.

Just like they keep telling us gas prices are down. Oh really? Down from the record highs, but far above what they were when the President won office, took office and a year ago.
But they are no longer a record high, so you should feel good.
If you do, welcome the club they can fool all the time.

On Friday we asked how the administration could be pursuing a deal with Iran after the reports they were trying to assassinate John Bolton and Mike Pompeo. Well, you can now add the attempted assassination of Salman Rushdie on our soil. Yet after that, they said full steam ahead to try and get a deal.
After all you can trust the Iranians, even though they are clear they want to kill us all.

And finally today, what a sad story that on the one year anniversary of the 13 American soldiers killed in Afghanastan, the older brother of one went to his brothers memorial site and committed suicide. He wanted to be with his brother. Wonder if the MSM will cover this. I doubt it, because it will bring up the failed withdrawal that the administration called a great success.

Here’s Hoping You Have A Good Week.

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