Remember When…

Summer Used To Be So Quiet And Peaceful

August, especially, was a time of little news as congress was out and everyone was home. Well, that sure has changed in the era of cable news and Donald Trump.

We’re going to keep our position of waiting for the facts on the Mar-a-Lago incident this week. We heard the A.G. yesterday, and after waiting anxiously, we learned nothing. We waited for a reaction, and late last night we heard the former President say go ahead and release the details.
We’re just not going to put all our chips on one side or the other. Both have lost credibility since 2016, and to borrow a phase, we want “just the facts” please.

The Country Is Divided – Why?

When I saw this poll yesterday it illustrated a major reason why we are so divided. Look at this:
The poll found that 59% of the respondents say they are “very concerned” (36%) or “somewhat concerned” (23%) about Mr. Biden’s mental health.
The rest are either “not very” or “not at all” concerned, except the 2% who aren’t sure about the issue.
Now the divide:
“The perception of the president’s mental health varies sharply by party affiliation.
Just 39% of Democrats say they are worried about his mental condition, versus 82% of Republicans and 56% of independents.
“58% of Democrats say they’re not concerned with the president’s mental health. That compares with just 17% of Republicans and 39% of independents.”

Think about that divide and why. I happen to believe it’s the media that individuals watch and read. Simply put, the media leaning right have played a lot of his missteps and focused on them.
The MSM with its clear left wing bias never does, and plays up accomplishments and activity.

Thus, because most citizens are far less informed and involved than you are, their perceptions are different. They are what they watch.
A fair and non biased media (“just the facts”), would not see those numbers. The media is the problem, they have taken sides.

To Close Out The Week

If Iran was trying to assassinate John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, why is this administration still begging for a deal? Yesterday the Department of Justice charged an Iranian national and member of the country’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps with trying to orchestrate a murder-for-hire plot to kill Bolton and/or Pompeo.
In my opinion, Iran’s leaders know only strength, and weakness emboldens them. Just look back at history since the Carter era and how Presidents handled them.

Lots of comment yesterday on the proposed 15% corporate tax we wrote about. We said it’s reducing deductions, not raising tax rates, that will drive revenue. Most agreed.
We should have added this thought, too:
Who do you think will pay for any corporate tax increase?
Of course, it will be higher costs to the consumer. The corporations are not going to report less profits to Wall Street so leaders lose their jobs. Some would take their business headquarters out of the country to save costs.
So, maybe it sounds good to some, but we urge you to think it through.

It May Be Mid August, But Next Week Will Be An Interesting News One.

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