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First – On Mar-a-Largo

The longer it goes without full information the more I am coming to the conclusion that this whole thing is related to Jan. 6th. Does the administration and A.G. want to try and prove there was a coup attempt?
It’s starting to look like that to me after they took Rep. Scott Perry’s phone.

Let’s Catch Up On Some News That Surprised

China has backed out of discussions with the U.S. on climate talks and plans. They are now building more coal plants and not planning on major pollution control.
Think all this administration is doing and putting our people and economy through. What good is that if the number one (China) and number two (India) polluters are doing nothing? Does that make sense?

Then yesterday China announced it is withdrawing a promise not to send troops or administrators to Taiwan.
Is it because they are still reacting to Pelosi’s visit? Why isn’t this big news?

Let’s Look At The Bill That Passed The Senate

I’ll repeat again, you can raise all the corporate tax rates you want. If you don’t take away deductions it won’t matter. I get the 15% minimum they want, but it’s on profits. Watch the deductions coming.

In a 50/50 vote that the VP broke by voting yes, every Democrat voted to increase IRS agents by 87,000? The line is they are going after billionaires to pay their fair share. Well there are about 700 billionaires. What are the other 86,000+ agents going to do?
Think about that and this:
Cost of these additional agents — $80 billion. How do you think they will recover these costs?
Consider that as you hear them say they are not going to go after you.
Senator Crapo (Idaho) proposed an amendment that would have restricted additional IRS audits to those who make more than $400k. The amendment failed on the same 50/50 vote.
And why does the job say that agents hired may have to carry a firearm?
They want to ban guns for you but give them to government agencies? Something else to think about.

In another exact 50/50 vote with the VP breaking the tie, Democrats defeated Senator Rubio’s amendment in the bill that would have limited federal pregnancy programs to biological females. Rubio’s bill said only women can get pregnant. 50 Republican Senators agreed. It was voted down.

While on the bill (that the house will pass tomorrow), were you surprised that Bernie Sanders called it a fake “Inflation Reduction?” He went on record saying that, but voted for the spending anyway.


The abortion issue has given the Democrats a shot in the arm for the mid terms. The Kansas vote for abortion sent shock waves in conservative circles. If Republicans are so inefficient in their handling of this issue, they are in trouble. In conservative Kansas they went for an all out ban. The one thing Americans want less than a late term abortion is a total ban. In an either/or Republicans will lose.
If they are not smart enough to adopt the 15-20 week limit they will be defeated. That’s where America is. Smarten up already.
Democrats have been smart enough to use this issue. In four states, California, Kentucky, Montana and Vermont they have put abortion rights on the ballot for November. That will drive their vote.

Is Mayor Adams of NYC a joke?
He wants federal funds for 100 or so illegals shipped in by Gov. Abbott. Hey Mayor, you’re a sanctuary city. You encourage people to come. You don’t cooperate with ICE, even if someone commits a crime. You know that Texas gets more illegals in a day than you have been shipped in total? Now you want to go protest in Texas?

Examples of covid spending we never needed keep popping up. Here’s the latest from NJ.
Last year Congress and the administration gave New Jersey $6 billion of COVID money. The state can’t figure out how to spend it. Democrats in Trenton are “divvying up COVID-19 aid quickly and in private.” The state plans on spending the money on sewer systems, water projects, pre-kindergarten programs, and new computer software for the Department of Motor Vehicles. 
Any of this related to covid? With a $30 trillion national debt, why not send it back? Never happen.

A lot of coverage of former President Trump taking the fifth yesterday, especially after he chastised others for doing that. What’s the case? He was testifying in a civil case brought against his business. What is the N.Y. A.G. saying he did? Let me ask first, what do you think the impression people get watching the MSM about this?
Well, they are investigating if he “misled investors and tax authorities by inflating the Trump Organization’s property value for the benefit of investments and, subsequently, deflating them to win tax and loan benefits.”  Imagine a business doing that!! The NY DA recently dropped the criminal investigation he was doing.

With a loss on Tuesday another of the Republican ten who voted to impeach Trump went down. She became the third to lose, while another four didn’t run. Two won their primaries. The tenth is up next week – Liz Cheney in Wyoming. I think after her primary it will be four who lost.

One final thing surprised me in the news. I learned that Vermont is the only state that has not elected a woman to represent it in Congress. They elect a socialist over and over, but not a woman.

Okay, caught up.

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