A Day Later…

We’re Still Waiting

A day later and we are still waiting for the “what” and “why” on the Mar-a-Lago investigation.
Neither the FBI, DOJ or White House told us anything on the “why.”
Trump’s lawyers didn’t release the papers handed to them on “what” they were told was being sought.
Thus, we sit here with nothing and the ramifications are widespread.

I think the raid made a difference in some primaries yesterday. Trump backers have made the decision that this was an unjust persecution and voted for his endorsed candidates. They won across the board yesterday.
If this is nothing more than recovering classified documents, the former President is so strengthened in the Republican Party you can cancel the primaries for 2024. The DOJ will have made his point.
If they come up with an indictment, well it better be strong and real.

Thus far, I think this raid has raised the ire and eyebrows of many, including non Trump fans. They better have a reason and it better be viable or they will have reversed the momentum gained by Democrats for the mid terms.
The other person who better have a reason is A.G. Garland. Without this, it may well come across as his attempt to get even with the former President for withdrawing his nomination to the Supreme Court.
His job performance rating is already low.

If you’re fair about things, I think you have to agree there is a group and a compliant media that has been after the former President from day one. In fact, the Washington Post famously wrote the day after the election in 2016 that “the impeachment begins now.”
What President has been investigated more? None that I can recall.
He went through three years of a false Russian Collusion story. A total lie. The media won Pulitzer Prizes for its reporting on it, and it was all false. I believe over 50% of the people still think it was real because of the constant coverage.
Politicians who lied, like Adam Schiff, continue to serve. Why? They lied and Trump told the truth when he said there was no collusion.

Today the former President has to testify in New York on his business practices in a case the AG brought. Until 2016 he was a welcome hero in NY as politicians sought his funding and he built buildings. What turned them on him? He ran and won as a Republican.

In the end if this is about classified documents, then we need a complete house cleaning in Washington and government. I go back again to Hillary who had a server off site, had classified documents in her personal possession. When investigated her team used acid to burn their technology so it could not be seen. They smashed phones with hammers. Nothing happened.
Think about that.
Sandy Berger was Bill Clinton’s National Security Advisor. He went to the National Archives and stole documents required for an investigation of the administration. Stuffed them in his pants to hide them. Guess what? He walked out without charges, and that was an active investigation.

Let’s not get into the lies about “Russian misinformation” that covered up the Hunter Biden laptop before the election and until now. Four years into investigating Hunter and we have no charges.

James Comey had documents and admitted leaking them to the media. Did he get charges? Anything?

If it turns out the Trump raid was to get classified documents or find information for an investigation then we have all the proof we need of a double standard of justice.
If that’s true, then in November we better begin the process to get these people out and save America.

One Thing On The Primaries Yesterday

You will in the MSM hear about Trump candidates winning and how he owns the Republican Party. Fair enough. However, there was one return I watched last night because it was so close and I saw almost no coverage on. It was a Democratic Primary in Minnesota’s 5th district. That’s IIhan Omar, a squad member’s district.
She barely won getting 57,683 votes to her challengers 55,217. There were two others in the race who got 1,000 votes. I find that interesting.

And Finally, Consider This

Amid all the hoopla of the new Build Back Better (“Inflation Fighter”) bill, here’s something I bet you don’t know.
There is a $7,500 incentive to buy EV cars, right? It got a lot of coverage.
Well, the number of cars the rebate is on will drop upon signing of the bill from 72 to 25. “What” you say?
Yes, what. The new requirements on batteries means most electric cars don’t qualify.
That’s crazy you say? Well, here’s more:
When the additional requirements kick in next year then even those 25 will no longer qualify. No current cars will!

Let’s not forget the vote was 50-50 on that bill and the VP broke the tie to support. Let’s see what the administration and media tell you about this.
Sometimes you get too far ahead and you really mess things up. I think this whole electric car push is one such example. Toyota had it right. They were creating hybrid cars, so models like the Camry were getting 50+ MPG. They saw that as the road to easing into electric when the nation and world were ready.
This administration thought otherwise.

Let’s See What Today Brings.

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