It’s All About The Raid…

There is only one story to report on today, and how it plays out will tell all of us what kind of nation we are today and what we must do. It’s the raid and search on former President Donald Trump’s home.
You will hear both extremes talk about it today and either gleefully report on it, or denounce the first ever such move in the United States on a former President.

I am not going to pass judgement before I know the facts.
Why did the DOJ think it needed to do this? What crime are they saying was committed? Was it they thought he had classified documents? It has to be more than that. It better be.
If there is a criminal act so grievous that this was required, I need to know and will understand.

On the other hand, if this is solely about some documents then we have a real issue. If that is it, we will have the final proof of a double justice system and final nail in the lost reputation of what was once the great FBI.

Double justice, because never in this free society has a sitting party done this to a former President of another party. It happens in Russia and third world countries, not here.
Double justice, because Hillary Clinton had classified documents in her house. She also bleach bit her devices to erase things. Hammered phones to destroy them. What did the FBI do? Nothing.

The end of the FBI, because this is the same agency that led the false Russian Collusion investigation and story. The same FBI that went before a judge (like they had to on this raid) and presented a dossier they knew as false evidence to do what they wanted. I still can’t get over that.
Add the current Hunter Biden laptop story. They had the laptop, yet it was called “Russian misinformation.” They have it now for years and yet nothing has happened. There were clear crimes committed and evidence illustrated that some high level misdoings.
It appears to me the FBI has chosen sides, and that was and is not their mandate.

The FBI allowed a false story to divide this nation for three years while ignoring other real activity. Why? If it wasn’t for political gain of one side, then I don’t know the answer.
This once proud and respected organization has no credibility with many today, myself included.

So, for today I am going to hold my fire and not rush to judgement, but there are issues here that require the American people to look beyond their partisanship and at the nation’s future.

Blind Justice For All Is At Stake Here. We Need Answers.

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