Give Them Credit…

Amazing How They Have Been Able

It’s amazing how Senate Leader Schumer and Speaker Pelosi have been able in the past eighteen months to drive the legislation and change in the nation they have. Just consider the focus, spending and changes they have been able to enact with a 50/50 senate and 221-214 House majority. They have led major national changes of direction with barely a majority. In fact, in the senate they have needed the VP to break ties over and over.

This change and performance would not have been possible in the past. Then, we elected leaders who were not blind followers of their party and voted for programs they thought right and benefited their constituents and nation.
You would think in this highly media sensitive and educated age that blind loyalty would not exist, yet we have more. A compliant media and the advent of social media have contributed to this.
Give credit to Schumer and Pelosi who have changed the direction of America without the normal majority required to do so.

Yesterday they were able to pass what they originally called “Build Back Better” and now call the “Inflation Reduction Act”. A $740 billion dollar bill. Now almost all the studies say this will not reduce inflation, but they got it done. Normally, raising taxes and spending more is not an inflation fighter, but an inflation driver.
But, every Democrat voted for it, and every Republican voted against it. The VP voted yes and the bill passes.

Now if we went to every citizen and asked them “were you fooled” by the bill’s name change? To a person they would say no, but the answer is that they were. You can fool some people all the time.

As important, the passage is hailed in the MSM and adds to a string of victories and good news for the administration. The jobs report was good. We now have as many people with jobs as we did the month before the pandemic closed things down. Unemployment was down to 3.5%. There are still 10.7 million open jobs. All positive.
Yet the prices in the stores and cost of living is impacting people now. You can see and feel it.
How does this coincide with the good news is the dilemma economists are struggling with. Recessions and growing economies don’t work that way.
What’s the answer?
It is the combination of coming out of the pandemic amid a government spending spree of record numbers.

To navigate through this we don’t need party hacks and loyalty, we need real leaders who worry about tomorrow and not the next mid term. Unfortunately that is not the case, and as the mid term polls show a closing and toss up election now, the rhetoric will be louder.

More On This As We Get Closer To The Mid Terms.

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