Oh Really…

Can You Be More Hypocritical?

I don’t know any way to explain this other than, are you for real? Mayors in cities like Washington DC and NYC are complaining about “asylum seekers” entering their cities?
The Mayor of New York said this:
“We are calling on the federal government to partner with NYC as we help asylum seekers navigate this process, and to provide financial and technical resources,” asking for the handout.
While in Washington DC:
The city’s representative to Congress, Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton, announced emergency spending legislation Tuesday that she said will reimburse the District for handling the newcomers.
She then blamed Texas and Arizona for the surge.
Are these people for real?
Texas and Arizona have been dealing with this since President Biden took office and declared the secured border — broken. These states see in a day what NY and Washington have seen in total. In fact, they were part of calling Texas and Arizona racist for their attempts to control the issue.
I guess it’s okay for them (TX & AR) to suffer and spend, but not for their cities.
Just how hypocritical can these Mayors be? What will the reaction be from others in their cities? Do they even realize there is a border problem?

Democratic Mayors starting to complain can’t be good for the President.

And yesterday Homeland Security Director Mayorkas again said the border is closed and under control.

Meanwhile, the MSM has been in no coverage mode on the border. In fact, a new study showed:
Over the last year, the crisis on the southern border has grown steadily worse, surging to new records month after month. There’s been violence and death at the border. States are overwhelmed. Illegal immigrants have been released in cities all across America,” wrote Scott Whitlock, research director for NewsBusters.org.
His study showed just how much time the networks devoted to border issues over the last 12 months.
“The situation apparently did not warrant much coverage in the past year, despite the fact that there were 2,361,553 illegal border crossings during the period, according to the U.S. Border Patrol.
From July of 2021 through June of 2022, over a full year of three network evening newscasts a night, they devoted less than one percent of the total coverage on the border crisis,” Mr. Whitlock said.

Maybe they believe Mayorkas and have no reason to be reporters and go down and check for themselves.

Here’s another interesting little tidbit I want to keep a watch on:
Nancy Pelosi had been scheduled to visit Taiwan in April but had to postpone the trip after she tested positive for COVID-19. Her office announced she is going in August.
China reacted immediately and issued an ominous threat over the reported plans to visit. 
Their Foreign Ministry said it will take “resolute and strong measures” if she heads to the island in August.
China considers Taiwan to be a breakaway province. U.S. leaders support Taiwan’s right to democratic self-rule but typically take a careful diplomatic stance, known as “strategic ambiguity,” about its formal status. 
This is like must watch TV.
Does she go through with the visit or cancel? What does China do? Battle lines are clearly drawn.

Tonight is the eighth public hearing of the January 6th committee, in primetime and for at least 2 hours.
They say it is the last public one, but I don’t think it will be.
I repeat the Democrats are destroying their best asset for 2024, Donald Trump.

Sometimes you just stop and say “Really?”

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