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It’s The Summer Time

And the living is easy, as the song goes. Thus, we’re trying not to clog your mailboxes. In fact, next week we’ll be closing shop for a week, too. So here’s some news stories you might have missed, but may want to know.

It was one year ago yesterday that the President joined a chorus in the administration saying: “Inflation will be temporary.” Wrong.

So wrong, that the closely watched University of Michigan index on consumer sentiment continued its downward slide.
For personal finances the index was 50 for June and 51.1 for July.
How low was that?
The previous low was 51.7 in May 1980. 42 years ago.
Thus, Americans are more glum about the economy today than during the depths of the pandemic and after the economic/financial crash of 2008.

Why did the Pulitzer Prize committee refuse to take back the prizes awarded the NYT and Wash. Post for their years of reporting the false Russian Collusion story? How do you win for a false story?
Where have values gone? Standing for truth? Earning an award?
The awards should be given to those who proved the allegations wrong.

Many in our town are complaining about tax increases. Probably yours too. Then consider this:
Chicago Mayor Lightfoot made a decision to tie property taxes to inflation. Great timing, wasn’t it?
Watch how fast she backs off this idea. They get really angry in Chicago over less than this.
Speaking of which, violent crime has soared in the city, as you likely know. Do you know that arrests have fallen to historic lows? How bad is it?
Well, the police have made arrests in just 12% of crimes reported last year, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.
In other words, a criminal in Chicago has an 88% chance of succeeding, no matter the crime.

The Jan. 6th committee gets coverage day and night on the MSM news reports. They have a plan for a public hearing tomorrow night prime time. However, Rep. Bennie Thompson, the committee chair, announced that he has tested positive for COVID-19.  Let’s see if Liz Cheney heads it. That should help her primary opponent even more. Primary is the first week of August.

Does this make you want to move to Washington DC more or less?
The City Council in the capital has passed several laws that will outlaw the use of fossil fuels for heating, cooking, and city-owned vehicles. Brilliant.
After all, they don’t have any crime or other issues to worry about.

Wait now, Starbucks first announced they are going to curtail their bathroom use by all because of crime and drugs. Now they are going to close stores for safety reasons? What happened, Mr. Schultz?
And gee, the names of the cities they are closing stores in sound so familiar:
Portland, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Los Angeles and Seattle.

Now we understand better why the administration wants to blame businesses (small and large) for all the issues. The WSJ did a study on the administration up and through the President:
– The median years of business experience is zero.
– 62% of the Biden appointees dealing with economic policy, regulation, commerce, energy, and finance have no practical experience working in the private sector.
 -The vast majority of the Biden economic/commerce team consists of professional politicians, lawyers, community organizers, academics, lobbyists, and government employees.
Makes it easier to understand the mentality of:
Hire more people, pay them more and lower costs to the consumer.

Last week the consumer price index reported the worst inflation rate in 40 years. Yesterday the First Lady lamented all the great ideas her husband has, but these problems keep rising that have to be addressed.
All I could think of was thank goodness, Reagan, Clinton, Bush, et all, have no problems arise. Image the mess we’d be in.

Finally today: Ex NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio announced he was dropping out of the congressional race he was in. The polls showed him running near the bottom of a crowded field. He said in dropping out “he continued to want to serve.” I think there are many in the city who think by dropping out he is doing exactly that.

Okay, thanks for your time today. We’re conscious of the summer.

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