Do They Get It Yet?

The June inflation report was just released – 9.1%. The highest rate since February 1981.
Do they get it now that it is not transitory? That they missed every sign? That we don’t need more spending, and Senator Schumer should cease with his new trillion dollar push to “Build Back Better?”

What is shocking is that we have leaders that didn’t understand what you and I knew. That is, when you have higher oil costs, it impacts everything. The cost to produce, the cost to deliver, the cost to move product and the cost to sell it.
They couldn’t know this and make the moves to cut oil production before any green energy was available. What twelve year old would think that’s good policy?
How could they add on top of that all the spending and throw money into an inflationary market condition?
And they want to do more? Maybe they truly want to make us Venezuela north.

And if they blame Putin and you believe that, well I don’t think anything I say can help you. They got you.
The root of this situation was set Jan. 20, 2021, not in February of this year. If you believe anything beyond the administration owns this, then this blog can’t help.

Now, I suspect that with oil prices dropping slightly this month, the world will begin moving into recession like conditions. You see, one follows the other as nations try to correct and they use less oil. That leads to a slight drop in oil and will reduce the 9.1% in the months ahead, but it will not solve the problem.
So buckle up. You are going to hear the words Stagflation, last heard in the Jimmy Carter era.

One final thought on who gets hurt the most here. It’s the poorer citizen and middle class. Those with means won’t like it, but can afford the higher costs. The poor and middle class have the problem. So an administration and party who talk about helping are doing more damage than anything.

If a fair media would cease continual coverage of Jan. 6th and concentrate on pertinent issues of today, this would get the coverage that it deserves. But they have a different agenda. Covering both is not part of their narrative.

Which By The Way

Engagement with news plunged during the first half of this year compared to the first half of 2021 — and in some cases has fallen below pre-pandemic cable-news levels. I wonder why.
Primetime viewership was down 19% for the first half of this year compared to the first half of 2021. CNN and MSNBC were down 47% and 33%, respectively. The exception was Fox News – up 12%.

And It’s Not Just Domestic Policy

The President is off to the Middle East. One big announcement was he would not be shaking hands with anyone because of covid. If you believe that, well, you know what we say about fooling some people all the time. He’s not shaking hands so he isn’t caught shaking hands with the Saudi leader he so condemned and promised action upon — but he is now begging for oil from.
You see, he can say whatever he wants after the meeting about how tough he was, but he’s not tough enough not to shake his hand alone.

As a welcome to the area, Russia announced that Vladimir Putin will visit Tehran next week for a trilateral meeting with the leaders of Iran and Turkey. This is their answer to Biden’s visit to Isreal and Saudi Arabia.
Then add this, the White House said Iran is providing Russia with “hundreds” of unmanned aerial vehicles — including weapons-capable drones for use in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the President and team are still begging Iran for reinstatement of the nuclear deal. Does anything happening in the area give you the impression they respect our nation and President?

Finally Today

You saw the coverage — on some stations — about the First Ladies comments in San Antonio and mispronouncing bodega’s and the unfortunate taco comment. Fine, she apologized and realized it was wrong. Surprising – but okay.
You know what bothered me, in addition? She was in San Antonio and made this big speech. You know what she never mentioned? The 53 dead immigrants in that van in San Antonio last week. Why? Was it because the border is closed as the administration says? Did these people not matter?
A fair media would have blistered the administration over this, but we don’t have that.

The Title Of This Blog Is – Do They Get It Yet?
I Hope Enough Of Us Do.

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