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This bodega incident in New York is beyond explanation. The shoppers government card was out of money so the worker denied the purchase of chips. The shopper goes home to get her boyfriend (check what she called him), and he comes into the store, goes behind the counter and begins to attack the sixty-one year old worker. Maybe it doesn’t matter that the boyfriend has a record and was pulling the worker outside, but I think he does. You define character by who you are.
Well, the bodega worker, working late at night, defends himself as he is being dragged out with a box cutter he grabs. He fights back and the girlfriend takes a knife from her purse and attacks the worker.
Now, stop here and ask yourself who caused this? Who attacked whom first? Who asked to please not do this, “I don’t want no trouble, Papa.”
It’s clear to me, but not the New York Woke DA.
He locks up the bodega worker and charges him with manslaughter. He places a $250,000 bail on him so he has to stay in a Rikers jail cell. The man is also wounded from the girlfriend’s attack. He gets no medical attention in jail and ends up with an infection.
The shopper, is she charged? No. Why? The Woke DA says she was defending her boyfriend!
You see, in the faction of the Woke Democratic Party the bodega worker was not defending himself. He showed up at work that day to be attacked and abused. He is a murderer. The shopper is the hero. Maybe he wants to name something after the boyfriend now, too. This is the same DA who has released criminal after criminal to commit yet another crime. A few weeks ago one person was arrested (and released) for the 100th time!
Now the DA Bragg, he won 84% of the vote in NYC.
If you’re still a Democrat, let me ask this, is that the party you joined? The one who stood for the working man? Because it changed. There are legions of individuals who were Kennedy Democrats and became Reagan Republicans because as Reagan himself said, “I didn’t leave the party, they left me.”

If you find this wokeism over the edge, the party may have left you too.

What A Shame We Have A Woke Media Too

As readers know, I blame the media for their biases, failure to cover fairly and not report without taking a side.
Well, we had the President and compliant media telling the story of a ten year old girl who had to cross state lines to get an abortion because of the new rules. She was denied in Ohio, they said. “Imagine” the indignation she had “to face,” the President declared angrily.
Okay now, let’s start with this.
How did a ten year old get pregnant? That is outrage number one, two and three. How did this happen? Who is responsible? Who got locked up over this? Where, when? The President and most of the MSM never mentioned this aspect.
No, they talked about how she had to suffer leaving Ohio to get an abortion. Suffer leaving? She suffered long before that;, who did it, and where are they? Never discussed.
You know why? Here’s a statement from the Ohio Attorney General:
Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost just said that his office has no evidence of a raped ten-year-old child who was impregnated, including a request for lab results. He also noted that Ohio law would have allowed for an abortion in such a case.
Wait, you mean this whole thing, spouted by so many, including the President of the U.S., was a lie?

So, yesterday we talked about the lies about the horsemen border guards, and now we have this? Is that the Democratic Party you joined? Is that the America we want? I thought one of the reasons we wanted Donald Trump out was his relationship with the truth. You can’t have it both ways.

The NY Times Poll

In some circles of the media there was lots of coverage on the NYT poll released that had the President in the mid 30’s. Lots of comments about what November might bring, and even stories from inside that the President may be over his head. It’s clear, despite the media coverage that the country sees what is going on. The story, the numbers, the comments could not have been worse.
Okay, now if you’re an unrepentant supporter of Donald Trump, here’s a warning again.
Even with all the negatives in that poll, and there wasn’t a single positive, there was one question you should be aware of. It was this.
In 2024 if the election were held between Trump and Biden, who would you vote for? The answer was Biden by 3 points.

No matter where or how you are registered I urge you to think about what was written above. Changing the nations direction begins with you and me.
We are suffering from Wokeism gone wild, and if you want change you need to consider your vote beginning this November.
Going back to NYC, do you think 84% would vote for that DA again? Likely no, but because the city is a one party system do you think he would win again? We need to do better.

Time To Awaken America.

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