Always Late Friday News…

This Week It Was On The Border

The news broke late Friday afternoon that the long investigation on the border guard “horse whipping” was completed.
They announced there was no whipping, but that they would bring charges on four guards for misconduct.
On the border guards? That immediately angered me.
You want misconduct, how about the President declaring them guilty hours after the incident?
The most powerful person in the world went on television and condemned them. He said they “strapped” the border crossers. He promised immediate action.
How would you feel if the President of the U.S. called you guilty on national TV and you were innocent?
That is misconduct on innocent individuals.
Where is the media demanding a Presidential apology? Where is the coverage of people like me demanding an apology? The story died the next day because the narrative didn’t fit the media perspective.
They just buried the story.
Well, not to me and it shouldn’t you.
How dare the President, VP and Congressional members like Maxine Waters condemn innocent individuals doing their job.
The VP compared the “whippings” to the worst actions of slavery; while Maxine Waters said it was “worse than what we witnessed in slavery.”
They all lied, mislead and disparaged innocent people doing their job, for political purposes.
They were doing their job, a job they’re doing because this administration broke a fixed border and created a mess.
How dare they charge four guards with misconduct.
The misconduct began and ended in Washington and reached the White House.

Then again, this White House is so sensitive to anyone disagreeing with them or challenging their version of truth that it is dangerous.
Yesterday the Army suspended a retired three-star general from his consulting job after he appeared to mock the first lady in a tweet. Read that again.
A “retired” Army General was suspended from his consulting job. What did he do?
Well, he saw this tweet from the First Lady after the Roe vs. Wade decision:
“For nearly 50 years, women have had the right to make our own decisions about our bodies. Today, that right was stolen from us.”
Then he had the nerve to temporally tweet:
“Glad to see you finally know what a woman is.”
Is that a reason for a man who dedicated his life to our military to lose his job? Remember, he was retired and working as a consultant. He doesn’t command troops, and by the way, the First Lady is not part of the military’s chain of command anyway. 
If the occupant of the White House were Melania Trump, Laura Bush or Nancy Reagan, would he have lost his job?

Here We Go Again With Jan. 6th

The hearings are back this week and the greatest threat to our nation will be all over the news again. In Primetime again too on Thursday.
This time they will have the President’s Personal Attorney’s testimony to use on live TV.
Now think of this.
Last week he was before the committee in a closed session. So every question asked this week, the person posing it knows the answer. There’s no cross, just the spectacular.
Does that sound like a made for TV show?

Yesterday, a witness who had refused to testify (Steve Bannon) said the former President had lifted “executive privilege” and he would appear. He said he wanted to do live testimony only.
The committee said “no,” closed doors first.
You see, you can fool some of the people all the time, especially with the media solidly in your camp.

The Jobs Report

It was an interesting report Friday. New jobs created were 372,000, well above the estimates.
Yet, another Labor Department survey — the survey of households and the one used to calculate the monthly unemployment rate — recorded a reduction of 315,000 Americans working last month.
Now the administration was all over the job created number, however, the workforce is still close to a million jobs below the February 2020 pre Covid high.
And more importantly, the job participation rate was at 62.2%, which was below the previous month and pre covid levels. Isn’t it time people went back to work? Shouldn’t we be recovered by now?

And while on the topic, people should pay their own college loans. There are 10 million unfulfilled jobs.
After all, my body, my choice seems no different than my loan, my obligation.

We’re Off To A New Week.

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