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We join in the shock, dismay and prayers for Shinzo Abe, a true historic leader for Japan. He made a difference.

A Quick Look At Politics

Do you ever recall so much talk of the next Presidential Election with the incumbent eligible to run in three years?
All we hear from everyday is — is Biden running, whose’s his replacement? Is Trump running – who can stop him?
From my standpoint both may be the favorites in their party today, but America doesn’t want that choice and I don’t see it happening.

Recent polls (and yes, I know the polls are unreliable) say if they are the candidates there is an opportunity for an independent to make an impact.
“Our observed aversion to the former and current president as voters begin thinking about 2024 tickets is a major opening for an independent presidential ticket,” said Mark Penn, chairman of the Harvard-CAPS/Harris Poll, which conducted the two surveys. 
The poll of registered voters, taken at the end of June, found that 60% would consider an independent candidate in 2024 if Mr. Biden and Mr. Trump are their respective parties’ nominees. 
Among Democrats, the number rose to 64%, while 53% of Republicans said they would weigh an independent candidate. Among independent and other unaffiliated voters, the number willing to give an independent candidate a close look shot up to 66%.
The same poll in April found that 58% of registered voters would weigh an independent in 2024, showing that the level of dissatisfaction with Mr Biden, 79, and Mr. Trump, 76, has increased. 

What do you think? Would you vote an independent? How about if it was a Joe Manchin type candidate?

One more political thought this AM.
Kellyanne Conway did a session with the Washington Times this week. She carved up Jared Kushner, the President’s son in law. She clearly said if the ex President runs again that Jared should be no where near the campaign.
Here’s a link to the story where Kellyanne holds nothing back on 2020, if you want to read all the details:

Well These Were Interesting Stories

Here’s a story that should have been a lead on local and national news — over and over — but wasn’t.
A tip from a “hero citizen” is responsible for preventing a mass shooting that was being planned for the Fourth of July celebration in Richmond, Virginia, authorities reported.
Richmond Police Chief Gerald Smith said in a press conference that the citizen called police after overhearing Julio Alvarado-Dubon, 52, and Rolman Balacarcel, 38, plotting an attack to be carried out Monday at the city’s Dogwood Dell amphitheater.
Following an investigation, both were arrested and charged.
The police chief said authorities seized two assault rifles, a handgun and several hundred rounds of ammunition in the course of their investigation.
“The force multiplier for any law enforcement and public safety agency is the citizenry itself, because they see more and they hear more,” the Chief said.

This story should have been reported over and over so people know they can prevent a tragedy by reporting what they see and hear.
The difference between this and Highland Park was a citizen calling the police. We came that close to two incidents on July 4th.

Meanwhile, the noise about the President freeing Britany Griner (the WNBA player imprisoned in Russia) really built this week.
First, a letter from Britany to the President. Then her wife going public, followed by the President calling the wife to read a letter he is sending.
Meanwhile, all the public discussion of Griner’s case angered some families of other Americans who are imprisoned abroad. The Detroit News reported this:
“The family of Michigan’s Paul Whelan went public with their ‘astonishment’ when they learned that Biden called Griner’s wife “but did not also call the Whelans.”  Paul Whelan has been held in Russia for more than three years and “his family has sought a meeting with Biden for months and months, with his sister, Elizabeth, putting in four requests that have not been granted, she said.”

And it’s not just Russia, they reported:
“Americans whose relatives are detained in Saudi Arabia and Egypt called on President Biden to help secure their freedom as he prepares to meet the leaders of the two Middle Eastern countries during a trip to the region next week.”

Meanwhile, Griner pled guilty yesterday to having the drugs in her bags.
Not sure what the others did, (Whelan was convicted of spying) but it’s probably not a good idea to break the laws of a country we are in conflict with. Especially their drug laws.
Just saying.

Have A Great Weekend.

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