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May As Well Continue This Week

I’ve been speaking out on issues and circumstances this week, so let’s keep it going today.
From Michael Moore:
“I cannot in good conscience continue to receive the privileges of ‘full citizenship’ in this land when all of its women and girls have now been, by Court decree, declared official second-class citizens with no rights to their own bodies and conscripted to a life of Forced Birth should they fall pregnant and not want to be.”
Hey Michael, do us all a favor and leave already. Where are you going that abortion is more legal than in the U.S., especially, states like California and NY? Let us know, because it doesn’t exist.
Either shut up or go.

The rumor (from Politico) is that Donald Trump wants to announce his 2024 campaign for the White House and unveil his candidacy this summer, well before 2024.
Why? Politico says:
His allies speculate he might do to create a potential shield against allegations stemming from his efforts to retain power after his 2020 defeat — the ripple effects could be instantaneous in the GOP political world.

Any move like this would be among the most egregious acts that Trump could do. He has already hurt the party’s chances in the mid terms, and this would be a gift to the left. Doing this would be another ego act for the former President and not good for the nation.
Former Republican congressman Jim Walsh said.
“If Trump were to announce this summer, I think it definitely causes problems for Republicans,”  “It’s not going to bring Republicans out this election, but what it may do is motivate Democrats.”
Mr. President Trump, America First, don’t do it.

This from the WSJ:
Red states are winning the post-pandemic economy. States that lean Republican have recovered faster economically than Democratic-leaning blue ones, with workers and employers moving from the coasts to the middle of the country and Florida.
Where’s the media now after all the bashing they did of red states during Covid?
They were wrong — again, yet have most people still thinking the opposite.

U.S. crude-oil prices closed below $100 for the first time since May. West Texas Intermediate fell as traders’ attention shifted to the possibility that a downturn in economic growth could cool demand for fuel. The growth outlook is darkening as central banks work to get inflation under control by cooling economic activity, pulling down traders’ forecasts for oil demand.
See, the administration did have a plan for lower oil prices. Drive the economy into recession.

Speaking of oil, how can this be? The U.S. has allowed more than 5 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to be exported to Europe and Asia. Including China.
What? Oil from our strategic reserve is going overseas?
First of all, the reserve is for emergencies and you’ve shipped 470,000 gallons overseas?
In September 2021 our reserves had 618 million barrels. The administration is releasing 260 million of that.
I thought releasing it within our nation was wrong. Now we’re sending it overseas?
If you think that’s a good idea you must be a Biden Democrat.

Just Some Things That Intrigued Us

What a fall for Boris Johnson. I guess that happens when 54 cabinet members resign because of your actions. As he announced the resignation this morning, Johnson said “them’s the breaks.”

One of Boris Johnson’s issues was his actions on what he told people to do and what he did.
Here’s an interesting story today. Remember when Gov. Newsom was caught dining out without a mask after his mandate; or when he was at the game without one?
Well, add this:
He is today vacationing in Montana, a state subject to California’s ban on official travel. He and his family are spending the week in one of the 20 states to which state-sponsored travel is prohibited based on their “discriminatory laws” against LGBTQ people. (Montana banned trans males from woman sports.)

I was surprised to learn that the IRS had called in James Comey and Andrew McCabe for major audits. Turned out that McCabe had under paid and Comey got a $347 dollar rebate.
Wonder if they thought it was politically motivated.

I see that Fed officials concluded at their meeting last month that they needed to raise rates faster and to levels high enough to slow the economy because of the worsening inflation picture. How late to the party were they? Mr. President, they are far more to blame than “Putin.” Add them to your blame list.

This story in the WSJ today: After Highland Park Shooting, Illinois Officials Call for More Use of Red-Flag Law.
You think it might be a good idea to get people off the street and guns out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have one? What took so long? Try enforcing laws and getting criminals and those needing help off the streets.

Get ready for more on the real problem in the country – Jan. 6th. Tomorrow Pat Cipollone, President Trump’s former White House counsel, is testifying. Next Tuesday we go live again. We’ll get to the bottom of this yet.
How about we get to the bottom of the false Russian Collusion story that dominated the news for three years?

Do you know that Majority Leader Schumer is in the “final stages” of another trillion dollar spending program working with Senator Manchin?
Raise both your hands if you think we need another trillion dollar spending influx with inflation as it is.
I have both my hands handcuffed behind my back for this one.

White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield is stepping down. The story is she was upset over not getting the Press Secretary role. In an administration looking to fill boxes for differences being the most qualified doesn’t count.

That’s Enough For Today, So Much Going On.

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