Sometimes You Wish…

This Can’t Be Real

In his desire to blame everything but his policies, the President tweeted out a message to our oil companies and those running gas stations to “bring down prices.” His quote:
“Bring down the price you are charging at the pump to reflect the cost you’re paying for the product. And do it now.”
That’s almost dictatorial, you know we live in a free business society, right Mr. President? Who approved this?

First, that shows zero understanding of business, how little profit the gas stations make per gallon, how capitalism works, and the fact they can’t turn on spigots to produce more; especially after the regulations put in place.

Does the President know that the federal government makes more (from taxes) per gallon than the gas station owner? It sure doesn’t seem he does.

The Oil and Gas association noticed with this tweeted response:
“Working on it, Mr. President. In the meantime – have a Happy 4th and please make sure the WH intern who posted this tweet registers for Econ 101 for the fall semester…” Whoa!

It turns out the Chinese noticed his tweet too, and trolled him and our nation:
“Now US President finally realized that capitalism is all about exploitation. He didn’t believe this before.”
That was written by Chen Weihua, EU Bureau Chief and columnist for China Daily, an English language media outlet owned by the Chinese Communist Party.
Embarrassing to say the least.

Then add that famous Democratic donor Jeff Bezos.  
“Ouch. Inflation is far too important a problem for the White House to keep making statements like this. It’s either straight ahead misdirection or a deep misunderstanding of basic market dynamics.”

Who am I to judge, but I think it was both, Jeff.

Why Don’t They All Count?

The shooting in Highland Park has gotten the coverage it should and the questions about what we should and can do. 7 Dead, 34 injured.
So how come the rest of the shootings in our cities don’t get coverage?
The same weekend as Highland Park:
Chicago (next door to Highland) had 8 killed and 68 injured in shootings.
New York had 9 killed and 52 injured in shootings.
Why are some more important than others? Especially since the cities are a weekly occurrence.

While we’re at it, why aren’t police officers killed newsworthy?
We’ve had 34 officers killed by gunfire this year already.
With three added from Kentucky on Friday, did you hear about them?
Another 30 have died from traffic accidents. Did you hear that?
In fact, suicide has quietly become an epidemic among the nation’s police, ranking as the No. 1 cause of officer deaths this year.
Sixty-four (64) law enforcement officers in the United States have died by suicide. Over ten per month.

Police advocates and mental health experts warn that President Biden has not only ignored the crisis, but also exacerbated it with his anti-police rhetoric.

Does anyone in government care about the people doing this vital job? Where’s the media?

The left’s immediate reaction was the new gun laws “didn’t go far enough.” How predictable was that?
Now, as the story unfolds we hear about all the interaction this person had with authorities. Do you think maybe getting people like him and the crazed driver at the Wisconsin parade off the streets, might be a solution?

And Then There’s Woke Highways

Transportation Secretary Buttigieg announced a $1 billion first-of-its-kind pilot program aimed at helping reconnect cities and neighborhoods that he said were racially segregated by road projects. We should note the original proposal was for $20 billion.
Cities and states can now apply for federal grants over a span of five years to rectify harm caused by roadways that were placed primarily through minority communities after the 1950s commitment to the interstate highway system. 
I bet you didn’t know we had racist roads and highways. It was new to me too.

Some anti leaders have derided the effort as the “woke-ification.”
Well, 60 -70 years after their construction, it does make me wonder, how about you?

Let’s at least get a list so we know where they are. Maybe some won’t use those roads and traffic could drop.

Lastly, Today In The – I Can’t Believe Phase

Stephen Moore put his column out today and said this:
“Here’s an amazing but true statistic. After more than a decade of declining carbon emissions here in the United States, in 2021, President Joe Biden’s first year in office, emissions rose. In other words, not only have Biden’s energy policies been a disaster for our economy and national security as we have become more dependent on Russia and Iran, but they haven’t worked as a global warming solution.”
How is that possible?
Well, Moore said:
“Because clean natural gas production soared and replaced coal as the No. 1 source of power generation, not only did America get rich off these bountiful resources but we also reduced our greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, over the six years covering 2014 through 2020, we led the world in our reductions in carbon dioxide emissions. Our emissions fell by 22%. That was more than former President Barack Obama’s cap-and-tax plan would have reduced these emissions.”
So we dropped 22% in the six years before the administration brought focus and it’s up? “Yes,” said Moore.

If you want to read Moore’s full column and explanation here is a link

Sometimes You Just Don’t Think The News Can Be Real.

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