Closing The First Half…

The President just held a press conference and he made news as he said that he favored a one time change in the filibuster rule to codify Roe.
Mr. President, changing one time because the issue is important to you is paramount to changing the filibuster. It will only lead to the next issue, and the one after that. There will always be a “just this time.”
Opening that door is changing the filibuster, period.
It was the change a decade ago by Harry Reid that led to this.
You are proposing a “one time” that will change the rule forever. Not a good idea.

Issues This Week

There were a few events this week that shook things up.
There was the horrific 53 deaths in the van that illegally crossed the border. The “secure and under control border” according to the administration. 53 dead and others in critical condition. Doesn’t this call for lead coverage and investigation?
Yet, for the MSM the lead and in depth coverage was on the testimony of Cassidy Hutchinson. It was January 6th for them, and all things Trump. We got as close to wall to wall coverage as possible, while the deaths at the border were an afterthought.

Then came the next day and there were repudiations from the Secret Service about the most spectacular elements about the former President reaching for the steering wheel and going after an agent.

That didn’t deter the media as they continued to feature Jan. 6th coverage over all else.

The coverage and charges have been so loud and covered that CNN, a full time coverage station, had two analysts say: “‘This is basically a campaign commercial for Gov. DeSantis 2024.”
They added: “That testimony about Trump’s erratic behavior and state of mind on January 6 could make it easier for Republican presidential hopefuls to challenge the former President in a primary.”
Remember, you heard that here first at the outset of these hearings.
In their desire to get the former President, the left is losing their best possible opponent and in doing so are making others in the Republican Party look good. Amazing.

One more comment on the truck deaths at the border. Yesterday the VP said the Governor of Texas is playing politics with the deaths.
What now?
Aren’t you the person they put in charge of the border? The person in charge owns the issue.
What have you done in the year you have been in that role? You broke a working system (even though you lied again yesterday and said you inherited a broken one). You haven’t done a single thing to fix what you broke.

You’re just lucky the MSM is on your side and not covering this as they would a different party administration. If we had a fair media, you would never get away with your lack of action and outrageous comments.

And to the Mayor of NYC, you are such a disappointment.
Your reaction to the story that Rudy Guilani was attacked while campaigning for his son was unreal. The tape shows that the store employee slapped Rudy, from behind, while he was talking to others and began berating him for the Roe/Wade decision.
Because it wasn’t a punch, you said yesterday: That the prosecutors should look into Guilani for claiming that a grocery worker’s slap on the back was an assault akin to being hit by a bullet or boulder. “To falsely report a crime is a crime,” was your quote.
So, you and your city don’t prosecute anyone. In fact we had a story this week of a woman arrested for shop lifting for the 100th time and she was back out. You have illegal guns being fired all over and people walking. But, you want to prosecute a 78 year old man whose back was turned when he was hit because he said it felt like more than you think the hit was.
Are these people for real?

Let me ask this again, as yesterday there was another report that the Russians are selling as much oil as ever. Yes, they lost western sales, but China and India have picked their purchases up dramatically. And, at higher costs they are making more money than before.
So I ask again.
If China and India are buying more from Russia, where they did they cease buying from? No one says they are using more, they are just buying from Russia instead.
Logic says the places they stopped buying from would have some excess oil, right? Are we pursuing that?

Another big day at the court.
Final decisions of the session will be handed down at 10:00 AM. Then at noon Associate Justice Stephen Breyer will officially retire. Appointed by President Clinton, he served for nearly 28 years. We wish him well.
Immediately thereafter Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, confirmed in April, will be sworn in. 
A milestone for the court that will be celebrated.

Finally, as we head into the July 4th weekend, take a moment to remember a hero who passed away yesterday: Hershel “Woody” Williams, the last remaining recipient of the Medal of Honor awarded for World War II heroics, died at age 98. Williams, who survived heavy fire during the Battle of Iwo Jima, died at the Veterans Affairs medical center that bears his name in Huntington, WV.
Secretary of Defense Austin hailed Williams as “an important link to our Nation’s fight against tyranny in the Second World War.”
If you get a moment check out his story. Initially rejected by the Marines because he was too short (5’2″), they lowered the standards as the war erupted. He wore his medal and always said he did so to remember and honor the two marines next to him that day, who died saving his life.

Here’s Wishing You and Yours An Enjoyable Weekend.

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