Issues, Issues, Issues…

More Supreme Decisions

The Supreme Court, now with a conservative majority, seems to be creating an issue a day. Many on the left are not used to the court ruling from the right. Their first reaction is the court is “illegitimate.” When the court leaned left and moved the country that way, they called it the highest authority in the land.
You can’t have it both ways.

In fact, did you see AOC yesterday say the jurists should be impeached because they mislead senators on their answers to questions? Really AOC? You mean candidates always answer questions? You might want to go back and see how Justice Kagan answered things. If you don’t want to go that far back then just check President Biden’s nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson. You remember her, you supported her. She couldn’t say what a “woman” was. Funny, a month later you are all saying the court is against women. What did you learn in the last month on defining that?

And if you want to put blame on the court going further left and right, look at what Harry Reid did in getting rid of the 60 vote filibuster requirement. That was the match that led to change, because before that you needed 60 votes. With that requirement people knew what a woman was and a candidate was not to any extreme.

So Now We Are Down To Issues

With MSM support, the real issue on the court abortion decision is lost. If I were to pose this question to the American people, how do you think they would answer:
Do you approve of abortion up until the moment of birth and approve partial birth abortion?
I think the answer would be overwhelmingly no. That is the Democratic position. That is the AOC position. The Biden position. It is not America’s position, but the MSM has allowed the debate to be you are either for or against abortion. It is not.
Let’s ask the Mississippi question which was before the court.

Yesterday the court ruled for a coach who lost his job because he wanted to say a prayer after a game. He never asked anyone to join him, though the MSM and other reports are presenting it that way. It seemed awful logical to me that a person could say a prayer on their own.
The left called it another example of an illegitimate court.

Then, a lower court in New York ruled that New York City can’t let noncitizens vote for mayor and other city offices. In January, New York had become the first major U.S. city to grant widespread municipal voting rights to noncitizens. Republicans challenged and won.
I guess the lower courts are getting illegitimate now. Must be a disease like covid, it spreads easily.

One more thing on the new party alignments. Who would ever have guessed that Darth Vader’s daughter would be wooing Democrats. You know Darth Vader, former VP Dick Cheney. The left hated him.
Look at this story:
Rep. Liz Cheney  is relying on a group of voters come August that she has rarely turned to in the past: Democrats. According to The New York Times, Cheney made her most direct appeal to Wyoming Democrats to change their party affiliation in order to vote for her in the August 16 primary against Harriet Hageman. The Wyoming Democratic Party chairman, told the outlet that he received a mailer from Cheney’s campaign that included detailed instructions regarding how to make the change. He also reported that a number of Wyoming Democrats he has been in touch with have received a similar set of instructions.
How interesting is that?

The President At The G7

The good news is that the President is at the G7, and though we haven’t seen any ground changing polices, outside supporting Ukraine more, we haven’t seen any gaffes either. I guess that’s a positive.
That said, here are a few things on the countries he is meeting with you might have missed (from The Committee To Unleash Prosperity):

Everyone’s Burning Coal Except America – The Country That Has The Most
Germany, China, and India – three of the largest countries in the world – are using more coal, not less of it. 
Axios reports: “Investment in the coal supply chain rose 10% in 2021 and it’s climbing the same amount this year.” 

We’ve been saying this for years. The rest of the world pays lip service to “climate change” and signs treaties like the Paris Climate Accords and then violates every promise. Meanwhile, the United States — with the most and the cleanest coal – is unilaterally reducing our output, while the dunce John Kerry flies around the world pretending that we are going to reduce the global temperature of the planet.

By the way, not reported here, but they are buying the coal from China, not us. Ours is far cleaner produced too.

Does This Look Like “Record Oil Production” to You?
Here’s a little math question, and it’s not too hard. It doesn’t require a calculator. Which is a larger number? 
a)      13 million
b)      11 million

If you answered b, there is a high-level job for you in the Biden administration. Under Trump, 13 million was the peak barrels produced per day, and 11 million is the latest estimate of production under Biden. Yet these facts don’t seem to matter much.  Responding to criticisms about Biden’s war on American energy, White House chief of staff Ron Klain shared a chart on Twitter showing oil production higher than any of his five predecessors. Biden has said the United States is “approaching record levels of oil and natural gas production.” Here’s the chart on oil production from the Energy Information Administration:

It’s Great For You When The Press Is On Your Side. That’s It For A Tuesday Morning.

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