The Big Decision And Aftermath…

Do They Want An Issue Or Solution?

The decision was released, and in the immediate aftermath we heard reactions, pro and con. It carried into Saturday, the Sunday talk shows and will all the way through the mid terms to 2024.
With that in mind, let me offer some thoughts, and if we had real leaders how this might be solved.

Let’s begin with the understanding that the Supreme Court did not eliminate abortions. No matter what either side says, the MSM reports and hysterical people say, the court did not rule abortions illegal. This court is what we call constitutionalists. They interpret the laws that the legislative arm approves. They don’t make the law.
That’s the key piece here.
We have lived for a long time with a court that made laws. Some people thought that was the norm and forgot we have three arms of government. Executive, Legislative and Judicial.

This court simply said there is nothing in the U.S. constitution that says anything about abortions. Since there is nothing in the federal laws about abortions, then the states can set their own laws and rules about it.
That’s it.
The noise makers and MSM won’t explain it; which also explains why the argument that they ruled on guns nationally as a law but not abortions. The difference being the second amendment in the constitution talks of the right to own and bear arms. There is no mention of abortion. If you have jurists who believe they are there to rule on the laws the legislative branch has passed, it explains all this easily, doesn’t it?

Of course you know that abortions are still legal in any state that wants to allow them. Nothing changes in NY, N., Ct., Ill, or California. It is in more conservative states that rules will change, and the people in all 50 states have via their vote to change their state.
So, if you hear over and over that the court made abortions illegal, know the person saying that has no idea, or the station reporting it is just trying to stir things up.

That’s The Why, Now The What

Now if we had true leaders they would look to solve people’s problems, not add fuel to the fire.
On the Sunday shows we had people on one side saying the court had ruled abortion illegal and they would soon be coming for more of their rights. On the other side we had a Governor saying she would ban the abortion pill (effective for only the first ten weeks of pregnancy). It is the extremes that will drive us apart.

These extremes are a minority on both ends. You have those saying no abortions ever, never mind if it is week one or week 40. Never.
On the other side we have the extreme saying abortions should be legal until the moment of birth and even partial birth abortion is fine.
In my opinion, the great majority live within the boundaries of both. Remember, the court said the Mississippi law, which allowed abortions up to 15 weeks, was fine. I would bet that over 70% of America would live with that as long as the baby was not viable. Most of America doesn’t go to extremes. They find a safe middle ground.
This is exactly the position Gov. Youngkin of VA took this weekend, and I think he has it right. He won’t satisfy everyone, but he will not be telling any woman she cannot seek medical for a mistaken condition; and he is not going to destroy a child who could survive.

I don’t know what Mississippi will do now, nor do I know if Virginia will pass the Youngkin idea. I just think it’s the best solution for now and the chance to lower the temperature in the nation.
I know some readers to the left and to the right are going to be against an idea like this, and I understand. But if it’s your way or no way, then no one wins.

One Word On Guns

The ruling allowing a person with a valid gun license to carry that gun was another tough one. I have such a license and rarely carry. Logic to me is the more guns on the street the more chance they will be used.
Then I was reminded that licensed carriers are not the ones committing the crimes or mass shootings.
I also know this, as we wrote here a month or so ago. We banned alcohol, how did that work out? We banned drugs, how did that work out? It turned out that criminals found a way.
Thus, wouldn’t banning guns be just another rule the law abiding would follow, but the element most likely to use them would just disregard?
And to the Governors in NY, Ill, and Calif. who reacted so hysterically to the gun ruling. How come you got so worked up over licensed people carrying a gun, yet when you catch illegal guns on criminals you let them out without bail to do it again?

I think the answer is always they don’t want solutions, they like to make noise.

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