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Things I Am Thinking About And Wondering

Today there is a meeting of oil executives in the White House to address the crisis. Now the house resident is in town, but not attending? Why is that?
If he is “doing all he can” and the oil executives “are driving the costs up,” why is he not in the room?
Would you expect a true leader to not attend?
A leader would walk in pounding the table, wouldn’t he?
Unless of course:
If you created the problem and your public announcements and bravado is to fool the people and you don’t want to face the people you are blaming, because they will be all over you behind closed doors.
What do you think?

Now to carry that one step further, just yesterday he announced the recommendation to take a three month holiday on the federal gas tax. Immediately his own party said they were not in favor of that. The opposition party called it a gimmick. It turns out his former boss (Obama) had called it a gimmick. So why the big announcement knowing it was DOA?
You can fool some of the people all the time and convince them you are “doing all you can.”

Then in his remarks he again blamed inflation on “Putin” and “Ukraine.” Within seconds his Fed Chair was asked in a congressional hearing if that was the cause and he said “no.” In fact, he said that inflation was rising long before Ukraine. Now that was dramatic and big news. Within minutes of each other, and in Washington, two differing opinions.
Did the MSM cover that as they would have if someone else was President? Of course not.

Which leaves us to be astonished at how many fellow citizens think Putin is the reason we have the economic and oil issues we do. 40% blame either Putin or the oil companies.
So now we know that even with the clear and obvious you can fool 40% of the people all the time.

For The Right Reasons I Hope

Sometimes I think this administration appoints people more based upon their demographics than ability to do the job. They take such pride with filling slots and saying “This is the first …..”
,Well, that’s great, but let’s be sure they are equal to the role you are giving them, since no one ever gets fired, and we are not exactly rolling in the right direction.
The latest appointment (and she may well be the most qualified person) was announced this week. Look at what was stressed in the announcement:
President Biden announced a new appointment to the treasurer’s office. It will be Lynn Malerba, lifetime chief of the Mohegan Tribe — the first Native American to hold the position.
Why it matters they said: 
New U.S. currency will be signed by Malerba and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen — the first time the signatures of two women will appear on our bills. Yellen also said it’s the first time a Native American woman’s signature will be on the currency.
That’s great. Let’s hope she can see inflation better than Yellen testified she did.

The Difference The Supreme Court Makes

Here’s a real example where the court make up can make all the difference. Note the vote here was 6-3.
The case, Carson v. Makin, concerned a Maine program that let rural residents who lived far from a public school attend a private school using taxpayer dollars, so long as that school was “nonsectarian.” Families who wanted to send their children to Christian schools challenged the program, arguing that excluding religious schools violated their right to exercise their faith.
The court sided with them, saying the Maine program amounted to unconstitutional “discrimination against religion.” Roberts wrote for the majority, which included every Republican-appointed justice.
The court’s three Democratic appointees dissented. “This Court continues to dismantle the wall of separation between church and state that the Framers fought to build,” Justice Sonia Sotomayor wrote.
This is but one example of how a majority conservative or liberal court can move the nation.

Tomorrow, A Look At The Elections Upcoming And Recent Impacts.

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