Solutions – Not Gimmicks…

Gimmicks Are Not The Answer

Gimmicks are not the answer to the oil and gas prices and that is exactly what this administration is doing.
Will they fool people? Well, as you know, you can fool some of the people all the time. Even with this latest gimmick.
Let’s put in perspective what they are doing.
The latest is they want to take the federal gas tax off the price for a period of at least three months to save the consumer 17 cents a gallon.
Now question one:
How does that solve the long term problem of supply in any manner at all?
It doesn’t, does it?
We were told by the left that we needed “higher” gas taxes because we needed the money for infrastructure and every 17 cents collected went there.
In fact, when the President took office, the left wanted to raise gas taxes because they were “too low.”
We asked then if they expected to never see a rise again, and then what? Great visionary leaders we have there.
Well, now they want to hold off the tax. Not to solve the issue, no, they want higher prices. They want you to buy electric vehicles.
They want to reduce the cost, not to solve anything, but to try and win votes for the mid terms.

Here’s the solution this administration has offered up to now:
Have the federal government hold off on infrastructure dollars and reduce the price by 17 cents.
Urge the states to do the same.
As an example, Connecticut has suspended its 25 cents per gallon tax.
Then the President is releasing one million gallons per day from the Strategic Reserve, not a good idea by the way, to reduce a gallon by an additional ten cents. The Strategic Reserve is there for a reason. This is not one.
Total of all three gimmicks is 52 cents per gallon.
So you may pay $4.49 for July 4th and not $5.02.
Got that?
Long term solution? Non existent.
Their plan is to try and convince you they “are doing all possible” to solve the issue. A compliant MSM will cover for them as much as possible.
Go back and rescind his day one executive orders that put us in this mess? No way.
The President is “doing all he can.” All he can to get people frustrated and go buy electric vehicles that are not ready, not available and don’t have adequate charging locations.
This administration is not doing “all it can” to solve your problem.
They are doing all they can to achieve their objectives.

If that’s what you voted for, you should be delighted. You also own the recession we are headed into.
If you were fooled or disagree with the policy, your opportunity number one to course correct is coming in less than five months.

Stay Tuned, Be Alert, Don’t Be Fooled.

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