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Just A Few This n That’s Today

Did you see this story?
Jake Sullivan, the National Security Advisor for President Biden, tested positive for Covid. The White House and NSC immediately announced “he has not recently been in close contact with the president.”
Now he’s what, the tenth close advisor to the President to come down with covid and each time they “were not in close contact” with the President.
Maybe that’s the problem. Who is talking to the President if his VP, NSC Director and others are not in contact?

We covered and remarked on the Jan. 6th hearings at length last week. I just want to share the reactions (as reported by Politico) to the hearing about VP Pence, the danger he faced and the names President Trump called him.
Here they are without comment from me, decide for yourself what was right:
At the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s big annual conference for evangelical Christians in Nashville, Trump lashed out at Pence for refusing to overturn the 2020 election, per the Nashville Tennessean’s Melissa Brown and Logan Washburn. Trump was well received at the conference, where many said they’d back him in 2024, but plenty of attendees remained open to other contenders too, report Natalie Allison and Meridith McGraw:
On Friday, Trump talked extensively about Pence, attacking him in front of the Republicans who are most sympathetic to him: evangelical Christians.
“‘Mike Pence had a chance to be great,’ Trump said. ‘He had a chance, quite frankly, to be historic. Mike did not have the courage to act.’”
After an awkward pause, the audience responded with light applause.
Meanwhile, Pence told WSJ’s Alex Leary and John McCormick , “I believe that most Americans understand that we did our duty that day under the Constitution and the laws of this country.” But with an eye toward 2024, Pence is trying to focus less on Jan. 6 and more on traveling the country with conservative talking points.

The administration on the Sunday Shows yesterday gave no indication they saw bad times ahead. Examples:
National Economic Council Director Brian Deese downplayed some economists’ fears of an impending recession, arguing the economy can persevere through ongoing interest rate hikes that aim to curb rising prices. He described the economy as in a state of “transition.” 
Someone please explain what that state of transition is doing to the average American. I don’t think they get it. He might want to know that a survey published last week found that more than 60 percent of CEOs around the world said they expect a recession before the end of 2023.

Meanwhile the Secretary of Treasury, who last week admitted she was wrong on inflation, this time said she doesn’t think a “recession is inevitable,” although she does expect the economy to slow. 
“I expect the economy to slow, it’s been growing at a very rapid rate. … The labor market has recovered, and we have reached full employment. It’s natural now that we expect a transition to steady and stable growth,” she added. 
Oh I see, what we have now is steady and stable growth? You know Madam Secretary the economy contracted in the first quarter, right? Is contraction growth now in this administration?

Don’t worry though, most of the Sunday shows were not worried about inflation and the mess we are heading into, they were fully into covering Jan. 6th and protecting you from that day. Stock market in bear country? Gas prices at record highs? You’re focused on and worry about the wrong things. Jan. 6th, look over there.
And, don’t think with MSM support they are not fooling some of the people all the time.
Just not us.

Stay Tuned, It Will Be An Interesting Week.

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