Enough is Enough…

Stop Already

I don’t think I am alone when I say stop, enough already. I know the MSM is doing it all can to have us focus on Jan. 6th and events from that day, but there are things happening today that are truly impacting our lives and are being handled with lies and deceit.
Enough already, it’s time to focus on the incompetence we see and get serious in solving issues as the nation and its economy decline.

And again, for those who want to say we want to bury Jan. 6th, you are wrong. We have condemned the day, called the actions by the former President reprehensible and clearly said he lost the election and is to blame.

One person died that day; it was a protester, a former Air Force veteran who was shot by a guard from inside the building. Is he being charged? Not even investigated. Are we investigating why there was not adequate police presence? Of course not. That might bring criticism on some current leaders.

Finally, if they are NOT going to bring charges on anyone, why all the millions, time and showtime? Why the live hearings? Why the wall to wall MSM coverage? Why?

In the interim, I have issues I am really angry about.

How dare this President and administration want to bring “administrative charges’ against the horseman guards at the border. Charges? He owes them an apology.
He condemned them the day of the event — wrongly. The President of the United States went on television, announced them guilty and promised swift and sure action.
It turned out the guards did nothing wrong. So they just kept quiet.
Then conservative media started asking questions. If they did nothing wrong, now what? Now the President comes up with “administrative charges?”

I cannot condemn the President more on this. How dare Mr. Middle Class President condemn honorable men doing a job in which he has failed to support their efforts and then trumps up phony charges. How dare you. Why are you always harder on the working person than those doing wrong?

Mr. President and MSM, you should all be embarrassed by your rush to judgement, condemning then wrongly and failing to report their innocence.

Next, your letter, Mr. President, to the oil industry leaders is a total joke.
You, on day one promised to put them out of business. You did everything possible to stop them, stop any expansion and limit what they could do.
Blaming them now for the pricing is beyond decency, again. You are using the “bully pulpit” to bully, and you are wrong, wrong, wrong.
You own the mess we are in. You created it. You and your team owe it. Stop blaming everyone else.

While I am at it.
You can blame inflation on everything you want, but your polices are at the center. You own that, too. If you don’t understand how you and your policies created this mess, you should resign.
Which leads me to this question. Who have you fired for the mess we are in?
We still have Mayorkas in office. Why? He lies everyday telling us the border is closed. Why is he still there? Your VP was in charge of border security, how did she do? Your Treasury Secretary says she missed inflation. Your energy secretary is a joke. Who have you held accountable?
Not a single person, because you are incompetent and think it is everyone else’s fault. Look in the mirror.

Fourth, enough is enoug with crime. Yesterday we had two officers in L.A. killed by a person out on the street when he should have been in jail. He was on probation for a gun charge — after he served two jail terms already. We had two people slashed on a NY subway by someone arrested twice in the days before for wielding a knife. We have a man in Seattle who threw a kindly 61 year old woman down stairs, chased her down and pushed her down more. He had a long record and now we are paying him $250.00 a day because we haven’t charged him yet. The stories are endless. Do you understand protecting the nation and public is mission one of your job?

America, you can let the liberal elite and MSM tell you what’s important or use your good senses. I am done with this administration passing the blame and the sympathy for those who do it wrong. It’s time to vote as if the country is at stake.

I am going to leave there for now, but enough is enough already.

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