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You Better Deal With Reality

First I watched the President’s speech to the AFL-CIO and he was passionate and sure. He spoke their language and basked in the applause.
He blamed Republicans, Big Oil, Putin and the last administration for all that ails the nation and economy. He says it with such vehemence that I do believe that is what he believes.
Then he told them (and us) how great we were doing.
All the jobs he created, that income is greater than ever, people have more money than ever and on and on. I think he believes that, too.

Then last night I watched the returns from the primaries and congressional election in Texas. That Texas race is the one that tells the story, only you didn’t hear it on MSM shows like GMA, who wanted to talk about Trump and his selections.
(Trump split in S.C., with the congressman who voted to impeach him defeated handily; while in the district south of that one, he lost. He wanted that Congresswoman, Nancy Mace, defeated because she criticized Jan. 6th.) So, he won one and lost one, and the MSM thought that was the story.
The story was in Texas, where a congressional seat was up. The elected Democrat had resigned to become a lobbyist. It was a decade long strong Democratic seat and a district that voted for Biden over Trump. It is a border district that is 84% hispanic.
Well, the Republican won.
That vote is a sign that people don’t believe what the President told the AFL-CIO and that five months out, the Democrats have work to do or the mid terms are going to be the disaster the polls say they will be — even if the MSM won’t cover it as it should.

A Few Tidbits

Some big news for the gun restrictions they want to pass. Senate Minority Leader McConnell  tossed his support behind the framework as negotiators push for a vote to take place as soon as next week.
If there was any doubt on passage, that should eliminate it.
I wonder if McConnell sees this as a chance to take away an issue from the left for the mid terms. A very savvy move if it is.

Another move by the administration to cancel a Trump action and idea. The administration has abandoned the proposal to alter the color of Air Force One’s new fleet. Trump wanted the aircraft red, white and blue. It was changed back to the current colors.

How is this marriage surviving?
As Kellyanne Conway was out promoting and celebrating the publication of her memoir at a book party, she looked up at screens in the room. There, to much surprise, her husband appeared from his study on MSNBC to knock her former boss. A few minutes later, he was on CNN doing the same. He knew it was counter programming to her event.
If that’s love, I’m glad that gene escaped me.

If it all comes down to Georgia again for control of the senate. Remember it was Donald Trump who won the senate for the Democrats in 2020. Well, here’a a breaking story in Georgia today:  
“For years, former football star turned Republican senatorial candidate HERSCHEL WALKER has expressed an enormous pride and love for his adult son, while taking a principled stand against fatherless households and deadbeat dads — specifically in the Black community. …. What Walker hasn’t publicly acknowledged is that he has a second son, who has apparently been estranged from his biological father since his birth a decade ago and has grown up more than 1,500 miles from Walker’s Texas home. And the mother had to take Walker to court a year after giving birth in order to secure a declaration of paternity and child support.”

Meanwhile, in NYC with all the changes in court ordered congressional maps, we ended up with interesting races like Nadler vs. Maloney in one. Well, in a neighboring district we have an incumbent in a new district to take on former Mayor DeBlasio.
Well, that candidate, Rep. Mondaire Jones, is the first to go up on the air. His new ad, called “Different”, starts today on cable. “Do I stand out in Washington? Yes. Let’s see: I’m a New Yorker. I grew up in section 8 housing and on food stamps, raised by a single mom. I’m Black, I’m gay, and damn proud to be different,” Jones says in the spot.
NYC will be a fun watch this primary season.

Have a great day.

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