Watching The Hearing…

After Watching Day Two Of Jan. 6th Hearing

After watching day two of the hearing and seeing the news, I decided I am going to write a book about the 2020 Election. Now, this book title will likely anger most readers, whichever side you are on. Sometimes opinions do that.
The title will be:
2020 Was Americas Worst Election Choice In 245 Years
It was a choice between:
An ego maniac, who had trouble with the truth and a diminished opponent who had trouble period.

If you watched the hearing you saw the former President’s top aides telling him that there was no fraud and he lost. This message was delivered on election night by his top aides, daughter, son-in-law and Attorney General.

Yet, the former President went out and told us that fraud lie over and over for eighteen months. He called Governors, Republican Governors, in states like Georgia and Arizona traitors. The Governors were telling the truth. He chastised other elected officials. He forced others to risk their careers, supported primaries on anyone who wouldn’t agree, all to support what he knew was a lie. He went to court. He lost every case.

He lost the election because he got out maneuvered and ran against a candidate who had full media backing and covered up his lack of campaigning. While the other side worked hard on mail-in ballots, the former President decried mail-in and pushed day of voting. He gave them the edge of time and they used it to beat him.
Months of gathering votes versus one day. That simple. It’s the only reason a record 81 million voted for President Biden.

With Joe Biden we have a clearly diminished individual from his days in the senate. Not diminished in his choices, after all Secretary Gates clearly said he was wrong on every international issue for 40 years, but diminished in his capacity to see what is happening and a need to change. He has led the nation into a deep hole that he continues digging deeper.
We officially entered bear market territory yesterday as he drove the economy down beginning with his first act of reducing fossil fuel development in the U.S.
After five decades of every President trying to make us energy independent, we finally got there and saw the benefits. On day one, act one, this President reversed it all. He failed for 18 months to see the folly of that decision.
When a President says give me trillions more of spending to reduce inflation it can’t even be explained.

In my lifetime I have learned when a person is not up to the job they said the job is too big and maybe it needs to be divided up. In the presidency, they add that events compounded to create impossible scenarios. I have also learned that when someone brings vision and leadership, they do the job. Today, like when Jimmy Carter was President, we have the former. I had long hoped I would never see a Presidency like that one again. Today I see a rival and that is so concerning.

This is from Fortune magazine this morning:
The market index, on Monday, closed down 151 points at 3,749.84, notably below the 3,798.91 level, which is where it closed on Jan. 19, 2021. (The Dow and Nasdaq indexes long ago fell below the pre-inauguration levels of 31,930 and 13,197, respectively.)
Monday’s market plunge put the S&P back in bear market territory and hit a new 52-week low. It was part of a broader financial downturn that saw the Dow Jones Industrial Average fall 876 points and Nasdaq tumble 530.

Thus, the markets this morning are below where they were the day Joe Biden took office. I don’t think 81 million people voted for that.
Is the way out spending trillions more? The answer is no. It will compound the problem.
The President is speaking to at AFL-CIO convention today. We are told his theme is:
His economic vision “builds the economy from the middle out and bottom up, not top down.”
Well, Mr President, you are failing mightily. The most hurt from things today are those in the middle and at the bottom. They are getting crushed. You might tell them they are doing better, but they are living the truth.

The answer is to do the one thing that has always driven America to new heights. What is that?
Unleash the American people to do what they do best, and that is produce. Take the gloves off, unshackle them, let them do what free enterprise was made to do. Compete and win.
Handouts, giveaways and free are out. Socialism experiments are over.
Let America be America again.

That’s How I See It.

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