This is the kind of week…

That Makes Media Bias So Clear

Imagine the main stream media not covering the attempted assassination of a Supreme Court Justice on their regular news or Sunday shows yesterday. How can that be? If it were Justice Sotomayor and a right wing nut, would they have?

ABC has lost the last elements of credibility they had with me.
Who do they have on their Sunday show to talk of all the “hidden” evidence he knows about for the Jan. 6th hearing? Adam Schiff.
The same Adam Schiff who lied to us for years about the evidence he had on Russian collusion.
Did they question him about the collusion lie? Not once.
They salivated over “evidence” he knows they have now. Disgraceful.

How do they allow President Biden to get away with his claims about the greatest economy ever?
The man who claims to care about the poor and middle class is hurting them far more with his oil policies than anyone has since the President Carter years.
How do they allow him to say that the price of gas was a major discussion with his parents at the dinner table when he was young? Any rise he said, was a major discussion and concern issue. Well, it seems prices were basically stable his whole youth.
Should we believe this and all the other family discussions he remembers with his Dad and Granddad?

And why is he allowed to get away with no coverage or analysis of his ridiculous solution?
To combat high prices he is not supporting American drilling, he wants to provide people more aid. Aid for food, heat, healthcare, etc.
So we spend more, raise the deficit and you think that’s the solution?
Think about that. Give people money.
That drives inflation. Give them money so they afford higher costs. Thus, prices stay high or go higher. There is no interest in lowering fuel costs that drive all other costs. Why?
I guess the answer is they want higher fuel costs to drive you to electric cars, and nothing else matters.

Some Interesting Quotes From The Weekend

Can you believe that Hillary Clinton said this?
It’s pretty simple: We have a right to choose our own leaders. We can’t let anyone take that right away from us. The people involved in the criminal conspiracy to overturn the will of America’s voters—which culminated in the attempted coup of January 6—must be held accountable.
This from the woman who created a false Russian Collusion story to change votes. Did the media call her on this?

This from David Axelrod, the former chief Obama strategist.
“The presidency is a monstrously taxing job and the stark reality is the president would be closer to 90 than 80 at the end of a second term, and that would be a major issue.”

This from Congresswoman Boebert, a pro gun advocate to her congressional attackers:
“If your Representative thinks AR stands for ‘Assault Rifle’, FIRE THEM!”
The AR in AR15’s stands for ArmaLite Rifle. How many of us knew that?

A not so smart one from Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI):
“On the issue of gas prices, I drove my electric vehicle from Michigan to here last weekend and went by every gas station and it didn’t matter how high it was.”
Umm, I think it does to your constituents Senator.

A Gun Agreement

As we write this it appears there is a basic agreement between the Rep and Dem committee on a program.
Here are the details we hear about:
– Funding to help states adopt and set up their own “red flag” laws. This will allow law enforcement and family members to submit petitions to temporarily remove guns from those considered a danger.
– “Billions in new funding” for school safety and community mental health clinics.
– Closing the “boyfriend loophole.” Domestic violence abusers and individuals “subject to domestic violence restraining orders” will be added to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.
 New barriers on “straw purchases” of guns, which is designed to cut down on illegal weapons trafficking. 
– “Enhanced background checks” for gun buyers under 21. This includes a “short pause” for a check of juvenile criminal and mental health records.
– New restrictions on gun sellers who “illegally evade” federal firearms licensing requirements. 

Is there anything there you disagree with? If not, isn’t the question, what took so long?

Oil Update

Now we hear that the President is planning on going to Saudi Arabia. Why?
To ask (beg) for more oil production (though they will say otherwise).
This is the same Saudi leader he called a killer, needed to resign and be prosecuted. Thus, asking (begging) for forgiveness and more oil from the Saudis is better for the President than drilling here.
Someone explain please.

Then there was this news today, too, on other countries he was asking (begging) to drill more.
Venezuela’s socialist leader Nicolas Maduro and Iran’s hardline theocratic president Ebrahim Raisi signed a 20-year cooperation agreement. 
Let that sink in as you think of attempts to get them to drill more.
I guess it’s an example of the old saying – enemy of my enemy is my friend. Those two countries have a joint enemy and thus a bond.
And, we want to ask them for favors rather than drill ourselves?
Someone explain please.
Oh yea, look at what Maduro said about the deal:
“Tehran’s delivery of oil to Caracas was a great help to the Venezuelan people.”
Wait, weren’t we asking (begging) Maduro to send us oil?

Imagine A Fair Media Providing All The Information and Facts.

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