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A View

The news today is all about the hearing last night, and every news outlet, morning update and report is covering it and providing their analysis. You will get plenty of viewpoints all day, this weekend and until the next hearing on Monday.
With that in mind, here’s my view.
It’s much simpler and you won’t hear it from anyone else until they catch up.

The headline would be this:

It’s all very simple to me.
The committee was after one person, Donald Trump. In trying to get him, they were willing to take former individuals they identified as villains, like Bill Barr, Ivanka Trump, Mike Pence and Mark Meadows and make them heroes.

They achieved their objective.
Their “no defense” presentation just spent two hours presenting a power hungry, ego driven President refusing to accept he lost. They will do it again and again over the next five public hearings.
There will be few who are going to go out and defend Trump’s actions. What you will see are arguments as to why there was inadequate security, which is a legitimate question, but will not be addressed here.

Now back to our headline.
So, they win the day by tarnishing the Trump brand and truly harming his chances to run and win again. By the end of the six sessions others will be emboldened to run in the primary against him and I believe prevail. His public support will be lessened (though not depleted and none will support his opponents, ever).
Those running on the Republican side will embrace Trump policies beginning with America First, without the baggage, along with the argument “they can win.”
Which will be true.

Thus the best chance Democrats had of winning was running against Donald Trump. As I write this, they have no chance against anyone else, as the new inflation numbers are released and this economy is in shambles.

Let me be the first to congratulate the committee, even before they recognize what they accomplished. Now let’s see if the Democrats, overall, and Liz Cheney in particular, will be smiling in November and 2024. I don’t think so, they are destroying their best issue.

And That’s My View Today.

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