We Know What Today Is About…

Tonight Is The Jan. 6th Primetime Show

Now I say show, because that is what it is. In fact, it is being produced by James Goldston, the former President of ABC News. Why? They want maximum impact on you. Not a hearing, a show.

The committee is made up of seven Democrats and two Republicans. What you should know is for the first time the majority party leader (Pelosi) picked the minority members. She made the choices and took Reps. Cheney and Kinzinger. Arguably the two most anti Trump Republicans in the congress.
So this is a show today.
Can you even imagine Republicans creating a committee and adding two Democrats – Manchin and Sinema? What would the media outcry look and sound like?

In no way am I defending that attack on the capital. It was wrong and unlawful, and those breaking the law deserve to be dealt with.
But, so were all the riots on the streets that went on that summer and were allowed to loot, burn and destroy. They should have been dealt with, too.
They were not.
And, this committee should also have investigated why police presence was so limited and inadequate. Who made that call? We know who it was, Speaker. Why wasn’t there adequate deterrence?

Thus, tonight is a show for votes. Will it be effective? Of course it will. It is being produced as a TV show and we know you can fool some of the people all the time.
Here’s some hope for the Democrats.
The show tonight, combined with the gun issue and abortion ruling, has the ability to motivate their base. These issues go to the heart for them. They need a boost.
On the other side, I warn them again. Their best chance to win in the mid terms and 2024 is for Donald Trump to be the candidate against them. If in their vehemence they knock him out, they are knocking themselves out.

So, they are looking for a win-win tonight. If they end up with a win and lose their best opponent it will be a self inflicted wound.

Happy Viewing – If You Chose To Watch.

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