We Don’t Have Leaders..

First A Personal Note

Maybe it’s my personal patriotism or loyalty to those who served, risked and lost their lives in our defense that I am so passionate about remembering those who paid the price for our freedom with their lives.
I don’t know any way to honor them better than remembering what they did.
Which is why I am so angry and disappointed this morning at the current administration. Yesterday was D-Day. The day young men came off landing craft with machine guns firing down on them to establish a beachhead and begin to take back a continent. They were so young and all you have to do is visit Normandy to see how far they got in their lives. They paid for our freedom.
Last year the President and administration forgot to send any tweet, message or recognition.
It was unacceptable. Yesterday they forgot again.
At 8:45 PM with twitter lighting up at their failure, they sent one out. In Normandy and the continent they took back it was already June 7th.
How do you forget? How do you not remember? How do you love our nation and not honor those who gave their all for it?

We Have Politicians Who Think They Are Leaders

The politcans we have today are focused on one thing, their next election. The goal they have now is to define the issues people will vote on in November.
For Democrats it’s try and focus on three. Abortion, Guns and January 6th, 2021. Think about that last one. They are spending millions of dollars, and unlimited time and resources to focus you on that date and the last election. Have they spent one tenth of that time on solving the oil crisis or inflation? Not that I have seen.
They want the focus on those three so they can hold power. Solve your issues? Are you serious?
For Republicans it’s everything else. Gas prices, inflation, infant formula, foreign policy. spending ……..

Who best defines what you focus on wins. Yet, are they solving anything? Do you see anyone doing anything?

Take guns again. Ban them is the cry of the left. As if banning solves the problem. Oh really?
Look at this story.
California, most likely the most far left state in the nation, has gun laws as tough as any state. In fact, no state has more restrictions.
So, under the simple logic of gun control advocates, California should experience significantly less gun crime than other states, right?
Well, a new report from the FBI, reports the exact opposite.
The bureau assessed that California led all states in the number of “active shooter incidents” in 2021, accounting for six of the 61 total incidents.
How can that be?
Answer: The solution to gun violence and use is not simply a ban. But you won’t hear that from politicians looking to win reelection. After all, they can fool some of the people all the time.

On the January 6th issue, even the polls show the public is saying it’s time to move on and stop this look back. But here’s that serial liar, Adam Schiff, who had the evidence on collusion that didn’t exist, and he is on this panel, of course.
Our goal is to present the narrative of … how close we came to losing our democracy with this violent attack on the 6th. There’s a great deal they haven’t seen.” 
Sure Adam, we all believe you now. What problems did you actually solve the last four years while finding all the conspiracies that didn’t exist?

We’re Not Alone – Look At This

Take a look at this poll released this AM from Pew Research.
Only two in 10 Americans trust the government in Washington to do what is right “just about always” (2%) or “most of the time” (19%), the poll found.
Check History: 

Trust in government has plummeted to 20% from 73% in 1958, when the National Election Study began asking the question. It’s part of a collapse in America’s faith in most large institutions.

A Few Things Other than Leadership Failure

Did you see a judge has now released John Hinkley completely? Thus, 41 years after shooting President Reagan he is a free man.

Is Kamala Harris still in charge of the border? There are caravans starting up bigger than ever. After 18 months, what has she got? Did she at least figure out the root causes yet? And check out the story below.

There was an arrest in Texas for an ISIS-led plot to assassinate former President George W. Bush.
Is this the same JV ISIS President Obama mentioned that grew into a force and President Trump destroyed?
Shihab Ahmed Shihab Shihab was the mastermind? You say he scouted the Texas neighborhood where Bush lives and looked into buying firearms and U.S. Border Patrol uniforms as part of his plot? He was going to smuggle an Islamic State hit team into the U.S.?
They’re back? Joe?

Let’s Call It A Morning Here.

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