They Really Confuse Me…

Do They Know What’s Going On Or Not?

First I hear Transportation Secretary Buttigieg say the oil companies are fixing the price of oil and driving it up to make money. Really Pete? You’re the transportation secretary and that’s what you think?
Then I hear the President and his team say they are doing all they can to get the price down.
Then they say it’s Putin’s fault.
How come you and I know that on day one, act one, the President took actions to stop drilling in the U.S.?
We know the cause here. We were energy independent and are now begging Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and Iran for oil.
Do they really not know this, or are they lying to us? Whichever you choose it’s shame on them.

And, going to Saudi Arabia to beg Mohammed Bin Salman, a man he chastised and promised to bring to justice for murder is beyond belief. Now we hear that Biden “angrily rejected” the prospect of meeting with the Saudi Crown Prince before giving in. So much for beliefs, morality and backbone.
How come only on oil drilling in the U.S does he not back down?
I ask again, how is begging the Saudi’s to drill and us to pay $120 a barrel better for the environment than our own drilling and lower prices?

Then I hear the Commerce Secretary – Commerce – the person responsible for economic growth and the well being of our business, says she didn’t know there was a baby formula issue until April. April? That was six months after it arose. The President said he didn’t know either until around then. Well then, who knew?
We closed a plant that is responsible for 40% of infant formula and no one knows? Whoever knew, do they know what 40% means?
Another case where, if this is true, it’s a real problem and if they’re lying….

In fact, in the first seventeen months of this administration what have they handled right, not blamed someone else for and are you confident in? Look at the list of the things:
Afghanistan? A disaster, and of course Trump’s fault.
Oil Prices: Oil and Gas companies are profiting. Putin drove the costs up.
Meat Prices: The meat companies are price gouging.
Inflation: Was 1.4% when he took office. 8.5% now. Fault? Pandemic and Putin.
Border Crisis: Of course, they say there is none and they fixed a broken system.
Baby Formula: It’s Abbott’s fault, they had a bad plant.

No need to go on. We’ve written before that leaders step up. This administration doesn’t lead, they blame, the exact opposite.

Look at the solution the First lady and the president’s sister (Valerie Biden Owens) have. They are pushing this theme: “Let Biden be Biden.”  They feel that his staff have kept him cloistered and handled him with “kid gloves.”
Oh yea, that’s the problem, let Biden loose.
I think even the people who seem to get everything wrong aren’t about to do that.

Let’s leave it there for a Monday morning.

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