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Today Will Be About Primaries

The news tonight will be about the primaries in Georgia, Texas, Alabama, Arkansas and Minnesota.
The MSM will make it about Donald Trump again – and so will he.
What to watch for:
The most interesting, of course, is Georgia. Does Gov. Kemp get over 50% and avoid any run off?
This was the one the former President went after the most. VP Pence endorsed Kemp.
Then watch the Secretary of State race. This was the Secretary (Raffensperger) who the former President asked to find 11,000 votes and was told back then there was no fraud.
These two will be big news tonight and tomorrow morning.
Then Alabama.
Here, the former President was all in on Rep. Brooks, a congressman who was supporting his fraud charges.
Then, a month ago with Brooks trailing and saying it was time to move on, the former President dropped him.
Well, the polls show Brooks making a late run. So watch tonight if he makes it to a run off.
In Texas:
I am watching the A.G. race. George P. Bush is running against sitting A.G Paxton in a run off. The race has been a no holds barred one.
In Arkansas and Minnesota we don’t expect any surprises or intrigue.

Just Some Interesting Tid Bits

The report out yesterday said the average age of vehicles on our roadways is at a record 12.2 years old. 
Isn’t that interesting in a period where they are pushing electric cars for the 2025 and they are limited today?

The WSJ has this story as experts argue whether the market and economy are at a low and about to rebound or continue to decline:
Small businesses are flashing warning signs on the U.S. economy as inflation, supply-chain snarls, a shortage of workers and rising interest rates darken the outlook for entrepreneurs. 
Small businesses are what drives us and where most people work.

An interesting interview on CBS with former CIA Director and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.
He said that while the invasion of Ukraine has weakened Russia economically, Europe made the mistake about accepting and funding Russia’s oil pipelines decades ago.
“I was there in the Reagan administration as deputy director at the CIA when we tried to persuade the Europeans that letting the Russians build those pipelines was a stupid mistake, and that they would end up politically on the fence, on the defensive with the Russians, that they could use this as a political weapon.”
It just proves when you end up in a mess it is usually poor leadership and decision making.

Defeated last week in the N.C. primary, Madison Cawthorn is now facing an investigation from his House colleagues into whether he improperly promoted a cryptocurrency and had an inappropriate relationship with a staff member.
I am fine with that, but how come we never investigate Adam Schiff and all the lying he did?

As the price of a gallon of gas continues to hit new highs and the administration keeps saying we are doing all we can do you, like me, wonder how they can say that? Don’t you want to shout out, “How about drilling and pipelines?”
And, aren’t you concerned the administration is going to sign a deal with Iran and/or Venezuela to get oil? That would not be good for the future.

Happy Watching Tonight.

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