Over The Weekend…

If there was big news from the President’s visit to S.Korea and Japan, then I missed it.
I didn’t miss the President’s spoken words this AM over the use of military force with Taiwan.
Now maybe that is his policy, but his staff seemed to pull it back. How does that happen over an issue that is front and center after Ukraine?

I did, though, see that the U.S. Census Bureau said the decennial tabulation of every American resident had miscounted populations in 14 states by enough that a handful of seats in the House of Representatives should have gone to other states.
Which states were under counted? Their report said a statistically significant portion of population in six states: Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Florida, Texas and Illinois.
Hmmm, five red states and one blue. That’s interesting.
Which states were over counted? They said eight:
Delaware, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Rhode Island and Utah.
Six blue states and two red ones.
Does that mean that based upon the last election there are electoral votes in the next that would have gone red, but will be blue simply because they miscounted?
Yes, it seems to be that way. The best estimate is this:
Red states are getting three fewer House seats than they deserve. They should have gone to Texas, Florida and Tennessee. Instead they will stay in Minnesota, Colorado and Rhode Island.
This Census miscount could not only impact which party controls the House over the next decade, but also gives the blue states three more electoral votes in the presidential elections of 2024 and 2028. 

The Department of Homeland Security has paused the plan and work of the Disinformation Governance Board. The “pause” should be permanent and whoever came up with the idea should be fired. Who does come up with these ideas in this White House?
Even better, the person they chose (Nina Jankowicz) to lead the organization resigned. Who even picked her and thought she was right?

Remember the big announcement that Nancy Pelosi will be barred from communion in Catholic masses? Well, she was at the 9 a.m. Mass yesterday and given communion. Why announce something you don’t mean?

We learned late last week that Hillary Clinton approved sharing with the media a false theory linking former President Trump to Russia even though campaign officials did not think the information was accurate.
And it was her campaign manager who said this!
Now before and after his testimony he tried to say something else, but it is what is said under oath that matters.

Then on certain Sunday shows we learned there was never any doubt Russian Collusion was a lie.
Yet the major networks – CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN and MSNBC – have failed to cover the story for a second.
For three years they told the lie (daily) with no problem. Now nothing.
How can we survive with this blatant media bias?

Maybe the only one having a worse year then President Biden is Russian Premier Putin. Did you see, McDonald’s announced it is joining the exiting from Russia? The list is long and there has to be an internal reaction there.

Remember last week and all the noise over the NY redrawn maps? We said Florida was facing the challenge after a court judge said it was unconstitutional. Well, the appeals court has now ruled:
The map Gov. Ron DeSantis’ staff drew up was reinstated by an appeals court.
Thus, they are avoiding the mess that in ongoing in New York.

Normally it would be a quieter week in DC with the House out of session until June 7th, but it won’t be. We will likely get the Supreme Court decision on Roe vs. Wade this week. Get ready for that explosion. The senate is in and continuing to look for “take a position votes,” and the baby formula news will be front and center.
All leading up to the Memorial Day Weekend that we need to stop and remember those who gave their all for us.

We’re off and running on another week with Memorial Day weekend ahead.

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