Wrapping Up A Week Of Noise.

The House took some action on the rising gas prices yesterday.

They approved a bill that would require a federal investigation into charges that the oil industry is price gouging.
There you go, the oil companies are bilking us. That’s why prices are up to new highs daily.
This is the first piece of legislation that Capitol Hill has approved in an effort to address high prices.
Don’t you feel better now?
What’s that you ask? Did they discuss turning our oil companies loose to produce?
No, they just want to assure they are not making too much money.

The Border Fallacy

Meanwhile, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas visited the southern border and said the administration “was prepared” for Title 42 to be lifted and the influx of migrants moving through Mexico to try to cross into this country.
You know what it means when he says “prepared?” They are not prepared to protect our border, they are prepared to process the applications quicker.
Where’s the media coverage of this fact?

Some Bad Timing By Oklahoma

Here’s where the abortion issue goes to extremes and divides the nation.
Oklahoma passed a law that bans nearly all abortions from the moment of fertilization. The ban passing now will feed the media frenzy on the Supreme Court decision, drive pro abortion crowd protests, be used as a fund raiser and convince many that it is all or nothing with abortion.
In the elections ahead Oklahoma voters can decide if zero days or weeks is the right choice for their state, and nothing will change in states like California and New Jersey where until moment of birth abortion is allowed.
One more thing, under the bill, those who could be punished include anyone who “performs or induces” an abortion or anyone who “knowingly engages in conduct that aids or abets the performance or inducement of an abortion.”
Oklahoma threw itself into the middle of this at an inopportune time, as I see it.

That NY Map Mess Continued…

Democratic infighting in NYC, especially over the new congressional maps, continues.
The issue, as you recall, is the merging of districts and the decision of DCC Chair Sean Maloney to run in the district his home is in – which is about 25% of his old district and also home to Rep. Mondaire Jones.
Today’s no hold barred responses include:
First-term Rep. Ritchie Torres suggested that allies of Maloney were engaged in “thinly veiled racism”  when they urged Rep. Jones to run in a different district than the one he currently represents.
Maloney’s decision could force two Black lawmakers – Jones and Rep. Jamaal Bowman – to face off in a primary in NY-16. Thus, a Black Democrat would lose his seat. (The New York’s delegation is shrinking by one seat.)

Then Maloney received endorsements from Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other top Democrats reinforcing his decision and support.

Speaker in waiting, Hakeem Jeffries, has been extremely vocal about his anger over the new congressional map. He has attacked the process as “excluding people of color,” and said the reworked New York map is “part of a vicious national pattern targeting districts represented by members of the Congressional Black Caucus.”

And then AOC jumped in yesterday. adding to the drama. She became the first lawmaker to call for Maloney to step down from his post atop the DCC if he primaries Jones, saying that his decision to run in the 17th District is “terrible” and “hypocritical,” adding that it “creates a conflict of interest.” 

All this, while in the redrawn 12th district we have two long term Democrats squaring off – Jerry Nadler versus Carolyn Maloney. Both are full committee chairs with decades of service in the House.
Both Nadler and Maloney predicted they would win a primary battle. Each suggested that the other find a different district to run in. 
“I’ve known Carolyn for 50 years,” Nadler said in an interview. “But I’m going to run, and I’m going to win.”
“We’re good friends,” Maloney countered. “It’s very regretful, particularly since it’s my district.”
Both live in the newly drawn district!

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said:
“I think it’s awful. I just think it’s one thing to be against gerrymandering, it’s another thing to be just insensitive to the representation that you have in a state.”
And therein lies the reason.
The “gerrymandering” they did to try and wipe out Republican seats brought this about.

Meanwhile In Georgia

Here’s the latest poll on the Governor’s race:
Gov. Kemp leads with 60 percent support to only 28 percent for former Sen. Perdue, (Trump backed).
If that holds on Tuesday, Kemp would clear the 50 percent threshold and avoid a runoff election.

One more thing on the Georgia election.
Remember the law that was passed “to suppress votes” according to the left? Well, early voting is up over past elections.
Look at these numbers:
Total Turnout: 461,816 
Turnout Numbers Through Same Day in 2020: 169,385
Turnout Numbers Through Same Day in 2018: 141,673

Remember when Major League Baseball moved their All Star Game because they believed the false hype about suppression? Where do they go to apologize now?

That’s Enough For This Week. Have A Great Weekend.

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