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Sweden formally announced that it will follow its neighbor Finland and seek NATO membership. Now, that reverses two centuries of military nonalignment. Imagine that? If Putin attacked Ukraine because he was worried they wanted to join NATO, he really miscalculated.
When Putin reacted to this he was told by Finland’s leader to look into the mirror and see the reason why.
Now there are some in the U.S. who do not like the idea of them joining NATO. Why?
It puts the U.S. on the hook to fight and defend them if Russia attacks and they wonder why we need to be in that position so far from home.
Turkey, a local power has expressed opposition to the expansion and does not want this approved.
President Biden and team have recommended to allies we move quickly to get this done.

Those Redrawn NY Congressional Maps

The new maps which are scheduled to be locked in by close of business tomorrow are really generating inner party comments and squabbles. Here’s some more yesterday from key players:
First, Rep. Maloney, the Democratic DCC chair who is in the middle of this:
He announced shortly after the new map was out on Monday that he would run in NY-17 where his home is located, even though he’s never represented the roughly 75% of the district that Jones currently represents.

Maloney’s decision caught everyone by surprise, including Rep. Jones, who was furious. Jones complained to anyone who would listen about the move. It’s especially sensitive because the DCCC chair – who sits at the leadership table – is big footing a first-term minority lawmaker.

Retiring Rep. KATHLEEN RICE (D-N.Y.): 
“You cannot have the chair of the DCCC involved in a Democratic primary with an incumbent colleague and expect that person to remain objective about their No. 1 job, which is incumbent protection.”

“It seems like there’s a conflict. New York 17 is primarily in Congressman Jones’ district. He should be regarded as the incumbent.”

Then add this:
A newly open seat covering lower Manhattan and the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn is drawing a frenzy of interest, including from former NYC Mayor  Bill DeBlasio.

The last thing the Democrats need this election cycle is a mess like this. And, after watching Bill DeBlasio be the Mayor for eight years the last thing we need is him in congress.

How About This From The NYT

Remember all the stories about covid and school lockdowns and how irresponsible some states were with kids and schools? Take a look at this:

Extended school closures appear to have done much more harm than good, and many school administrators probably could have recognized as much by the fall of 2020. In places where schools reopened that summer and fall, the spread of Covid was not noticeably worse than in places where schools remained closed.”

The New York Times also found that the primary victims were the lowest-income children. Wealthy families found education alternatives for their children either in their homes or private schools. Children from low-income families barely participated in online lessons.

“This will probably be the largest increase in educational inequity in a generation,” said Thomas Kane, an author of a Harvard study on the disparate impact of the COVID lockdowns.

The study also found that most of these school closures occurred “in major cities, which tend to be run by Democratic officials … Republicans were generally quicker to reopen schools. High-poverty schools are also more likely to have unionized teachers, and some unions lobbied for remote schooling.”

You didn’t see this covered much in the media did you?

Speaking Of The Media

Here’s a quote from Supreme Court Justice Thomas in response to media questions about him quitting his role.
 “I will absolutely leave the Court when I do my job as poorly as you do yours.” 

With That We Wish You A Good Day.

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