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Election Results

Well, I guess Pennsylvania is the new Florida when it comes to elections.
After their 2020 disaster of vote counting, we get to the 2022 mid terms and they will be counting again for days to pick a winner in the Republican Senate Primary.
We don’t know the winner, but we do know without Donald Trump’s endorsement Dr. Oz would have lost.
With only 2,000 votes dividing the candidates with over a million cast, it all depends where the outstanding votes are.
Further bad news for Republicans is that Kathy Barnette, who got 25% of the vote, said she will not back the Republican winner.

The Democrats were clear on their Senate choice. Progressive Lt. Gov. John Fetterman is their candidate.
The NY Times gushed about him this AM. The question is, in 2022 are people looking for more progressives?
I don’t think so, but we’ll see. Fetterman brings a big personality to the race.

In the Governor’s race the Trump endorsed candidate Doug Mastriano, who the NYT said is “a far-right state senator,” won the Republican nomination.
Mastriano attended and helped organize for the “Stop the Steal” rally, thus the endorsement.
He will face Josh Shapiro, the state attorney general, who won the Democratic primary.
Here’s what you need to know about this:
Mastriano’s victory immediately saw The Cook Political Report say that the general election was no longer a toss-up and Shapiro was the clear favorite to win.

We say again, a Trump endorsement in the primary is golden – not so much in the general election. You have to win in November or you accomplish nothing.
Endorsing only those who say you were robbed is not the path to victory.

In fact, here’s an interesting tidbit for you on the 50/50 senate and why every seat matters:
Vice President Kamala Harris has broken 23 ties in her official role as president of the Senate . That’s how many times she got a bill through because of a tie vote. This, in only 16 months in office.

In North Carolina, we talked the past few weeks about the trouble Madison Cawthorn had created for himself. Well, he lost the primary for his House seat.
He arrived two years ago with such promise and went out quickly. All self inflicted wounds, too.

Two other races of note
Representative Ted Budd won the NC Republican Senate Primary. Like Pennsylvania, this is a Republican held seat of a retiring senator. He will face the Democrat Cheri Beasley. Budd will be favored.

Brad Little, Idaho’s Republican governor, won his primary over Janice McGeachin. She was lieutenant governor and a Trump favorite.

On to the Georgia primaries now.

Fallout In New York

Some major fallout in New York after the court called the Democratic redrawn congressional lines illegal and provided new ones.
Here are examples:
We told you that Representatives Maloney and Nadler were in the same district now. Maloney reacted:
“I’ve never lost an election; I don’t intend to start now,” she said. Nadler is running.
If they end up running against each other, some will miss one of them. Not this writer, though.

Sean Patrick Maloney is the head of the DCC. His district is now combined with another fellow Democrat, Rep. Mondaire Jones.
Maloney immediately announced he was running in the new district. Jones reacted:
“He did not even give me a heads up before he went on Twitter to make that announcement. And I think that tells you everything you need to know about Sean Patrick Maloney.” Ouch!

And look at this quote from House Democratic Caucus Chair (and rumored next speaker)Hakeem Jeffries: 
“The draft map released by a Judicial Overseer in Steuben County and unelected, out-of-town Special Master, both of whom happen to be white men, is part of a vicious national pattern targeting districts represented by members of the Congressional Black Caucus.”

Lots of fallout on day one with more to come.
Now we’ll wait to see what happens in Florida which also had their redrawn lines cancelled.

Still five and a half months to go for the mid terms.

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