Just Wondering This Friday…

How can anyone miss the chance, never mind fact, that a baby formula shortage could occur based upon closing a plant? Baby formula? Didn’t someone think ahead and raise the issue? How is this possible?
You can make a lot of mistakes and get away with it, but not when it comes to babies.
Once the baby is born everyone is on board caring. The day before, as we saw in the senate vote, half are fine with getting rid of it – but the day after – no. The administration better be careful here.

With the President talking and blaming MAGA for his problems I keep wondering why. Does he think that is going to work? I say again, the American people voted against the former President, not his polices. I am guessing too, that most Americans associate MAGA with America First. Most of us are for that.
Who came up with this attack strategy?

So, the protesters were outside Justice Amy Barrett’s home, which is unacceptable. When one was interviewed, in her red cloak, she said on national television: “It’s also possible that the fact that she’s an adoptive mother and that is influencing her inability to see what it’s like to carry a pregnancy to term.”
Well, Justice Barrett does have two adopted children, but she also has five by natural birth.
When informed the protester was stunned. Not a good look for a protest leader and makes you wonder.

In the primaries this week Donald Trump won one big in W.Va. and lost one in the Nebraska Governor primary. Coming closer is Georgia, where all eyes will be. Well, former President George W. Bush held a fund raiser last week for Gov. Kemp. That is the opposite side of Trump who went with Senator Purdue because Kemp did not find cheating in 2020.
Now comes word that former VP Pence will be campaigning with the Governor in Georgia.
Kemp is now pulling well ahead and that whole Georgia situation for Republicans is a sad one.

Saw this analysis on the inflation rate:
So much for turning the corner on inflation.  Not only did April PPI come in much hotter than expected at 11.0%, but February and March were revised upward with March now at 11.5%, the new record high for the index. Here’s some perspective on what those numbers mean: 
At 11.5%, prices double in about 6 years. Even at April’s rate of 11.0%, prices double in six and a half years.
Remember when the Fed and Administration told you it was “transitory?”

I hear that Fed Chairman Powell, now approved for another term, will say in an interview tonight he cannot guarantee or predict a soft landing for the economy. Oh really? He also says, in retrospect, he should have acted sooner on rates. Oh, you mean like many were saying and yelling you should?
He was just reappointed and approved, so he is safe. Now, the administration will pay in November.

Speaking of the President he again yesterday was shouting that he reduced the deficit and was doing a great job. Even some of his friends in the media have called this out. No matter how many times he repeats it, guess what? It’s still a misrepresentation. Funny though, I really think he believes it.

As more states pass legal marijuana it has created a problem for police. They have no roadside test to check DUI for the drug as they do alcohol. In states where the laws have been eased, police are reporting a frustration with their inability to deal with this.
Efforts to create a roadside breath test for marijuana are underway but don’t you think with all the concern and innocent deaths with DUI that this was something real leaders should have thought of first?

Wishing You A Safe And Happy Weekend.

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