In What World?

You Can Fool Some Of The People All The Time

You are one of them if you watched the President yesterday and walked away believing what he is said and that he is trying to bring the country together.
Let’s take issue one today – Inflation.
Not his fault, he said.
In fact, he claimed his policies have helped ease the problem! Now I would ask you, go find an economist, outside the administration, who thinks more spending is the answer to inflation.
He blamed the pandemic.
Well, we had a pandemic for over a year before he became President. What was inflation the day he took office? Answer: 1.4%.
He blamed Putin and his war in the Ukraine.
Well inflation was long out of control before the March 2022 war. Who is going to believe that?
Oh yea, there are some you can fool all the time.

Let’s look at some of the President’s previous comments on inflation and you tell me if he understands the issue:
July 2021: “We’ve seen some price increases. Economists call all of these things transitory effects.”
December 2021: “I think it’s the peak of the crisis. It’s a real bump in the road.”
February 2022: “Forecasters continue to project inflation easing substantially by the end of 2022.”
Yesterday: “It’s a real tough problem. Some say inflation is going to increase next year (2023).”

What you see is it’s everybody’s fault but his. The opposite of a true leader. A leader leads from the front.

Then There’s MAGA

Twice now in the last week the President has gone after what he calls the MAGA movement.
First he called them the most dangerous threat ever in our nations history. Wrong.
Then he called out MAGA again yesterday.
This time it was the “Ultima MAGA” and how he was fighting that movement and how dangerous it is. They want to raise your taxes. If you’re poor or middle class you will pay, he said.
Well, here’s what I think, realizing of course this is just another messaging test to try and save November’s elections.
The American people voted out Donald Trump, not for his polices, but for his personality and actions.
The American people, to a great extent, support the “Put America First” concept of MAGA.
Telling us that MAGA is wrong is not the same as attacking the former President.
We like the policies and America First.

Then he took a plan of Senator Scott (of Florida not Wisconsin as the President said) and said it was the Republican plan. That’s an outright lie. Senator Scott did draw up a plan that he took to the Republican Leadership but they rejected it 100%.
If the President is going to call that the Republican plan, I have a challenge. Tell us one — one senator or congressperson who endorsed the plan. Just one outside Scott.
No one did.
Taking that plan and saying it is the Republican Plan is like taking what Bernie Sanders or AOC said and claiming it is the Democratic Plan.
In fact, you would be closer saying that than Republicans want to raise taxes.

One final thought on this MAGA and more taxes.
How come you knock every chance the “Trump Tax Cut” and keep saying you want it repealed? If MAGA is for higher taxes, why did they cut taxes and why do you want to raise them?

Mr. President, don’t let them choose between America First and America Last. You will lose.

The Other Lie – You Are Cutting The Deficit

This misrepresentation is so bad that a CNN fact-checking reporter described the claim as a “reversal of reality” from “bizarro world.” CNN!!!
Now the truth squads from newspapers like the Washington Post were cancelled from their daily checks with your election, but they are calling you on this.
CNN said exactly what we wrote, “the reason Biden can claim he has reduced the deficit at all is because of temporary pandemic-related spending.”
When you spend $4 trillion extra on a pandemic it is easy to say you cut spending the next year. What a farce.
But then again, you can fool some of the people all the time.

Finally The Abortion Issue

Today’s the vote in the senate that Majority Leader Schumer set up to see on which side of the issue senators are. The Democrats and the media continue to present it as “you are either for or against abortion.”
As a reminder, the vote today is for no restriction to day of birth and partial birth abortion.
Many no votes will be because of that.
Why can’t the media tell the truth and why can’t we have a vote on something that would pass like the 15-20 week limit?
Why find solutions when you can create problems.

All In A Day.

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