It’s All Politics Now…

We Don’t Have Leaders, We Have Provocateurs

We don’t have statesmen anymore, leaders looking for solutions. We have provocateurs who add fuel to issues that divide us, because they want political advantage. It is our leaders who are failing us.

The leaked, not even final decision, on Roe v Wade is the perfect example.
Are our leaders trying to lower the temperature of the issue? Are they looking for a solution? Are they encouraging people not to visit private homes and protest in anger there?
Of course not.
Instead they are looking to inflame, and for what reason? Political advantage.
Is that why we elect leaders? Is that what we expect and want? The funny thing is the average person doesn’t even realize they are being manipulated. And the media, of course, inflames for its side.

Example one is the vote that Senate Leader Schumer is planning for Wednesday. It will be an up or down vote on abortion so “we can see where everyone stands,” is his cry. A compliant media is running with this and will report it as such.
Now if readers of this blog are like the nation as a whole, at least half of you will say, yes, vote for the bill. After all, a majority favor abortion.
Okay now, what if I explained the rest of the bill?
It allows abortion up to actual birth, so the full nine months. It allows partial birth abortion, even moments before birth. No limits ever.
Again, if our readers are like the nation as a whole, some of you said “wait.”

On the other side, some of you will say vote no on the bill. Vote no on abortion, it should not be — ever.

The problem here is Senator Schumer is forcing a vote up or down on a bill that goes to one extreme, abortions and partial birth abortion at anytime or no abortion ever.

This is not leadership. This is not a statesman looking to unite the nation. This is not a problem solver. This is not what this nation needs.

If we moved off the extreme ends (abortion anytime or never) we could get a majority if we said nine months and never are not where the great majority of Americans are.
If we said in the first 15 – 20 weeks an abortion is legal and after that to save the life of the Mother, the great majority of Americans would be on board.
Would it make everyone happy? Of course not.
We will never satisfy the extremes, and they can certainly both continue working to convince a greater majority to their side. But, we would solve an issue now, lower the temperature and bring peace to a majority.
Statesmen find solutions and earn the platitude of the people. They lead from there to bring about change for the greater good. Today in leadership we don’t have statesmen, we have politicians.

Vote in November to bring change, our children need you.

One last example on this issue that caught my attention too. The elected DA in Michigan said yesterday that she will refuse to enforce any state bans if Roe is overturned.
The elected DA, who is supposed to enforce the law, says she will do what she wants and not what the law says.
These people think they are bigger than the law, and following laws are for you and me, not them.
Michigan, if you don’t change DA’s, you are part of the problem.

There Are Many Other Issues Today, But Let’s Leave It There For Now.

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