Let’s Try And Cut Through The Noise…

What It Really Means

In our lifetimes few, if any, issues have challenged our consciousness, morality and sense of right and wrong as abortion has.
On one side is the argument, “It is my body, my choice.”
On the other side is, “Yes, it’s your body and your choice, until you share it with someone else and a unique individual, never produced before, will be born to the world.”

Then the argument goes beyond “if” you have the right to how long does that right exist.
On one side they say it’s my body, I have the right until the moment of birth (and some say beyond) to stop the birth.
On the other side they say you have no right once that process has begun, because unless you cut it out, a life will be born.
Compelling arguments that have divided the nation for half a century.

Where are the American people?
In my opinion they are not on either extreme. They do not support abortion the day before birth, nor do they want to say never if an undesired pregnancy has begun. I would venture to guess that outside the far ends of opinion most would say I favor abortion until a point. Is that point first trimester? I would guess again, yes.

Okay, that said, what was in the opinion we saw released yesterday?
First, let’s start with this, the decision we saw yesterday was an opinion and not a decision.
Second, despite the coverage and hysteria, the opinion, if it becomes the decision, would not outlaw abortion.
I think if you surveyed the nation today a lot of people would think the decision outlawed abortion. It does not.
What it does is say that abortion is up to each state to decide for themselves and not a federal decision. Why? The justices supporting that are saying there is nothing in the constitution that makes it a federal issue.
This is a decision of justices who believe they are to interpret and not make law. You want abortion, then pass it and we will say it is law.
This decision was based upon Mississippi passing a law that limits abortion to the first 15 weeks.

Okay then, so if the decision comes down as is what happens?
Well, in Mississippi you cannot get an abortion after 15 weeks.
In New York, California and other states you can get an abortion up to the second the baby is born. In fact, even partial birth abortion.
Thus, it becomes a state issue to set their time frame and limits. That’s all.
The act is not outlawed.

Now can people change their state law? Of course. They have to vote for what they want.
If Mississippi wants abortion until the day of birth, all they need to do is vote in people who support that.
If New York wants abortion in the first trimester only, they need to vote in people who support that.
It’s that simple, vote for what you want.

Thus, as you watch the debate and hysteria keep this in mind. Too many will fall for the hype and think to the extreme on both sides.
Can there be a national law?
Of course, if we could agree across the nation. I think I know where the majority of us would come down, but that position would never satisfy the extreme on either end.

The Moral issue of our time is now front and center. Let’s stick to the facts and not media hysteria.

Thanks For Reading.

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