It Comes Down To Lost Values…

Two Examples Within Minutes

Last night I was at a restaurant in a discussion with some town and industry leaders. One person at my table was a police commissioner. The conversation got to the police and the issues faced in hiring and retaining officers today.
Some examples were given on how the officers are treated today, incidents on the street and the job. It was shocking to everyone at the table leading one highly respected individual, a leader in the community, to say “when I was young we were all taught to respect the police and authority.”
Think about that statement. Weren’t we all? I bet every reader of this blog was, and I bet we still do.
The problem is too many weren’t and they are the loud voices and the ones the media covers. They need to learn respect, not the rest of us to sink to their level. They lost values, we didn’t.
I jumped into the conversation asking a question I heard at the Mayorkas hearing last week. What per cent of the police are bad officers? The highest anyone got was 1%.
How many industries can say that? I am not even sure my church can.
Then I mentioned we hear so much about the charges against an officer, but then when they are cleared (as I wrote of the Buffalo officer a few weeks ago), where is the coverage?
Lost values is what it is.
You destroy authority and you can chip hard at the base of society. We are experiencing it.


Then I came home and the news was breaking of a leak from the Supreme Court. A leak from the Supreme Court, how is that possible?
In the history of the nation this had not occurred, to my knowledge, and now we had it?
Lost values.
No one who values our nation, foundation, freedom, history and rule of law would have done this. Only someone who lost all values and thinks they are more important than rules, history and law could have done it.

Two things within a span of an hour that illustrated to me that we have created a society of more wealth than any before and educated the populace beyond any ever.
We just forgot to teach them values and they think it is all theirs and don’t understand what it took to get here.

The left will use this leak and decision to make noise, get sympathy and coverage. They feel entitled. After all it is there way or no way. The value of caring about others and what they think, that’s gone.

Today is about lost values that built this nation. We who still believe in values need to stand up and speak up.

I know you’re registered to vote, make sure you do and register those around you who still have values. The future is at stake.

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