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I find it interesting that the Democrats are doing all they can to knock former President Trump out of the 2024 race now because they think if he runs he will win.
Yet, the Republicans are most fearful that he will run and can’t win the general election.
How interesting is that?

This new book to be released, “This Will Not Pass,” has provided daily interesting tidbits on the President, former President and their teams. The latest is this one:
Sen. Manchin told Sen. John Thune early last year that he’d defect to the GOP if Thune were its leader instead of Mitch McConnell.  Interesting in that Thune is one of three mentioned as McConnell’s replacement.

The Democrats were winning the redistricting battle based upon the ten year census. As you may recall they felt comfortable they had redrawn New York so they could pick up four seats. Well, this week the New York State Court of Appeals tossed out the map.
Now all eyes turn to Florida which did the opposite, putting themselves in position to pick up 3-4 seats and they are in court.

When he came on the scene in 2020 he was the youngest congressional member in the chamber. Rep. Madison Cawthorn, in his wheelchair with a great smile, looked like a force to deal with. Then he started acting his age and the last few months have not been good. He blasted members saying he was invited to cocaine and orgy parties. Then when called on it for names had none to give. This week he was stopped at the airport with a loaded gun — for the second time. He is facing a primary now and not a guarantee to get elected.

Remember the John Hinckley story where he was going on tour as a singer-songwriter? Well, Hamden Connecticut, just announced that his planned August show is canceled. Why? There was an outpouring of protests and anti support for it.
However, his July 8th show in New York City is sold out. Surprised?

Was Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for real this week?  He claimed they “inherited a broken border” and are getting it under control. In what world is he living? He insisted that the Biden administration has a plan for dealing with the expected influx of more than a half-million illegal immigrants a month. What?
You know what the plan is? Faster processing so they ship people inland.
If you believe anything he said the past two days on the hill, consider yourself a charter member of the, you can fool some people all the time club.

The economy is now one quarter from recession. The administration’s answer is higher taxes and more spending. In fact, Majority Leader Schumer said he met with Senator Manchin to discuss the possibility of a party-line package focused on raising taxes.
Yup, that’s the right way to beat inflation. Tax and spend.
Someone tell them that’s how they got into this mess.

That’s a logic they share with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. He (Putin) cut off natural gas supplies to two nations, Poland and Bulgaria. Someone should tell him the only thing keeping his economy afloat is gas sales. Cutting clients off may not be the best idea as he desperately tries funding his Ukrainian excursion.
With this move I can’t understand why he and Biden don’t get along.

Sometimes You Can’t Make Up Things Crazier.

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