They Can’t Be Real…

Are They Really Serious?

I am watching the reaction and comments from some on Elon Musk buying Twitter, and all I can say is “Are They Serious?”

“The loss of free speech?”
Are they real? What do they think they did before and since the 2020 election? You mean allowing all free speech is a loss? For who?

“That’s the end of truth.” What?
In what world are these people living? You ran for years with Russian Collusion – a lie. You allowed the Steele Dossier to be talked about – a lie. You allowed tweets on Trump’s private server to Moscow – a lie. You banned a leading newspaper (NY Post) for a story that was true, because you thought it couldn’t be. You were wrong. Then you banned anyone connecting the story to their tweet. You were wrong.
You chose sides in an election, is that free speech?

“We have to ban lies.”
Oh really, who is the arbitrator? You banned people on the right with 98% of your bans, that’s free speech? Adam Schiff lied, why is he still on? He told the big lie on collusion and claimed to have seen the evidence that didn’t exist. Jerry Nadler lied, did you ban him? Who did you ban for the collusion lie? Did you ban any of the 51 “intelligence experts” for their lie about the laptop? Did you ban the current President for saying he had no idea what his son and brother were doing? Why not, you banned the last President. You allow the Ayatollah and Putin on, do they tell the truth?

When I watch the commentators on the left saying that Elon Musk buying Twitter is the end of free speech and the greatest threat to our nation they can imagine, I wonder in what universe they are living. Are they so blind and one sided they don’t see the real world? Is every outlet supposed to support their leftist view or they are a threat? Well, I have news for them, they are the threat, they are just too blind to see it.

And to those leaving because free speech is coming, you are the blindest of all. Try allowing your eyes to read so your mind can understand.

Crime In America

The Democrats are running as fast as they can (with media coverage) to say they support the police – and that includes the Commander In Chief. Why?
An election in seven months and crime on the rise. They need to run away from the progressive left and their “defunding the police.”
You see the police are the not the problem.
Last year we saw a 59% increase in killings of law-enforcement officers from the year before, with officers intentionally killed in the line of duty — in fact, the most since 1995. (Excluding the 9/11 attacks.)
FBI Director Chris Wray said:
“Violence against law enforcement in this country is one of the biggest phenomena that I think doesn’t get enough attention.”
No kidding Director, you know why? It doesn’t fit the lefts narrative. You know – the free speech people.
He added:
“Some of it is tied to the violent crime problem as a whole. But one of the phenomena that we saw … is that [more] were killed through things like being ambushed, or shot while out on patrol.”

And the media doesn’t even bother to cover the deaths. But let a cop do something out of line and it’s end to end for days of coverage. Often the officer is found innocent, but they don’t report that and by then have ruined the officers life and created turmoil.

Nuclear Weapons

We have the Russians threatening nuclear weapons in the Ukraine as they fail in their invasion. Now we have this news on North Korea:
They will test a nuclear weapon before the end of the year and may do so as soon as next week, according to U.S. national security analysts, who say Pyongyang is increasingly eager to put pressure on President Biden after more than a year of watching his administration’s foreign policy moves.
A nuclear test would shake up the regional and global security landscape while S. Korea is preparing to swear in a hawkish president and the U.S. and its top allies are consumed with the fallout from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s last nuclear test, in 2017, sparked intense brinkmanship that eventually resulted in a pair of high-stakes summits with President Trump.
Kim appears eager to set Seoul on edge as it goes through its first leadership transition in five years.

Then we have Iran who it was reported this week is very close to their own nuclear weapon. Yet we are continuing to beg them to take our deal and not do so for the next few years. They (Iran) want the terrorist label removed and thus far we haven’t given in — after all, they are the worlds leading terrorist nation.

Lastly, today you may have heard that many are going back to 1995 and what President Clinton agreed to for the Ukrainian mess today. (Ukraine agreed to give up their weapons for a guarantee of support from the President and others).
Well, the former President doesn’t like the blame. He said that arguments that his polices sowed the seeds of the Russian invasion of Ukraine were:
“The biggest load of bull you’ll ever hear.” No, Mr. President, that’s not true. You might have told one or two bigger than that.

Have A Great Day.

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