It’s A Messaging Issue…

No, It Isn’t Messaging

We heard former President Obama and Democratic leaders tell us that the problem for President Biden is a messaging one. He simply isn’t getting his message across they say, because things are going so well and the polls don’t reflect it.
And therein lies their problem.
They don’t even know why they are lagging. It’s their policies.
Despite that the progressives “know” what’s wrong. You see, they say the party hasn’t gone far left enough.

Yesterday, on a Sunday Show, Senator Warren was clear about this. She said:
Democrats are going to lose” in the 2022 midterm elections if they do not deliver on more of their legislative priorities. She gave an example of cancelling all student debt. If the President does this (and he may at the end of August) it will set them back even further. Most Americans feel exactly as we wrote a few weeks ago. You took out the loan, you pay back your own bill.
Warren is not alone.
Crime is an issue. Defunding was a failure. AOC has the answer on more police in NYC’s subways:
She and fellow progressives vehemently opposed an MTA plan to hire 500 new cops to patrol the subways. 
“In our view desperately needed resources would be better invested in subway, bus, maintenance and service improvements,” the letter read. “We are urging the MTA to divest from this current model of criminalization.”
Oh, so the problem is maintenance. That’s why all the crime we have been reading about is up.
Who knew? I would have never guessed the criminals would be so upset at maintenance. Thank you AOC.

Note to President and team:
I still think it’s the defunding you supported and the resulting high crime that has people angry.
I don’t think this is a messaging issue, it is a policy issue.

Let’s see, there is the border issue.
I know the President and his advisors are for open borders, but I promise you most of us aren’t. You might want to consider what is happening and your plan to make it worse with the lifting of Title 42.
Your people might like it, but the country doesn’t and won’t.
This is not a messaging issue, it is a policy issue.

While on the border, your rush to judgement condemning and promising prosecution for the guards on horseback sure backfired. You and your team promised a “swift” investigation and action.
What happened?
Well, you delayed and delayed and then delayed again. Now you announce the border agents did nothing wrong.
Really now?
You and your fellow Democrats condemned the agents. You declared them guilty. Now they’re innocent. Where’s the coverage? Where’s the apologies? Where’s the “I am sorry?”
You know the messaging issue here?
The administration was out front on the wrong side of the issue and condemning.
That’s not a messaging issue, it was a wrong policy issue.

I have more bad news on the border for you. Candidates in your party who have to run in November are turning on your policy. Senators from NH, Arizona, Montana, Georgia and Nevada, as an example, are saying your policy is wrong. One of them actually said we should build the wall.
I repeat, the border is not a messaging issue, it is bad policy.

Your policy is to cancel the Trump tax cuts. You say it has cost the government billions. Except the numbers just came out and tax revenues are up. In fact, we had a tax revenue record year. You were wrong. The tax cuts didn’t increase the deficit, spending did. Rescinding the tax cuts is not the answer, spending less is, and your continued push to spend more is not what Americans want. The people you surround yourself with may want it, but you are out of touch again.
It’s not a messaging issue, it’s a policy issue.

Then I hear you say that you are going to make all military vehicles climate friendly, so no more what’s best to win a battle and war. Really? You are going to mess with the military on climate? You think that’s a winning issue? I have news for you, no amount of messaging will sell this one.
While on the climate, you think that your messaging on the cost of fuel as “Putin’s Price Rise” is working? Wrong again.
You can message that all day and night. People know it was your policy.

By the way, I saw this environment report this week. Take a look:

Interesting, isn’t it? I could be wrong but this looks like a better messaging opportunity than your teams “we are all going to die” one.

I know you and team are CNN fans. I bet you all thought CNN+ was a good idea. Ask you team if that was a poor decision or a messaging issue.

Mr. President, you have a messaging problem. You are messaging the wrong things. The wrong side of issues that people care about. I think you should look at those advising you. They are leading you straight down in the polls. It’s their messaging that’s the issues. You are following the wrong counsel.
In fact, Paul Begala, the former Clinton aide, had a great messaging idea for you. He proposed you tell Americans that Republicans: “Fear Trump more than they care about you.”
Now that’s a message that could help.

The McCarthy Tapes

Kevin McCarthy has long wanted to be speaker. He was derailed last time (when Paul Ryan got it) because of extra martial affair rumors. Now he sees it within his grasp and here come the tapes where he says he wanted President Trump to resign after he called the story false news. Not a good look for him. You can’t lie when people are saying they wonder about your truthfulness.
Now, he can probably make it through this, but I hear there are more tapes, and maybe we will get a Republican Speaker next year, but it may not be McCarthy.
Three more things on the tape release.
First, he was talking to Liz Cheney on them. The same Liz Cheney against whom he has endorsed her primary opponent. She said she did not release them. Did she say no one on her team did? No. Did her Dad get involved? Who knows? But why deny a truth knowing you are dealing with her and that situation?
Second, if she did release them (directly or not) she should be beaten. He spoke to her as the number three person in the house caucus. Even if they split after, to release anything is despicable.
Third, look at how much coverage this is getting. Massive.
Yet, the Hunter Biden story continues to explode and they don’t touch it. Now we hear that there were at least 19 visits uncovered with Hunter’s business partner with VP Biden and/or staff. The President continues to deny he knew anything of what Hunter and his Brother were doing.
This could be a far bigger story and possible lie than McCarthy’s. Yet, coverage in the MSM — zero.
Why is that?

The last week of April is upon us – seven months to the mid terms. Your vote counts.

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