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Remember back when we had all those stories about “Obama Phones?” Well, take a look at this story with no coverage, and as you read ask yourself why the media didn’t cover this – and if they would have for a different President:
A company the federal government paid to distribute those phones as part of an authorized federal government program “has agreed to pay $13.4 million to settle a case alleging that it doled out devices to tens of thousands of people who didn’t deserve them.”
Makes you wonder again about how much fraud there is in the programs we pay taxes for.
Add this now, the Biden administration intends to give phones to those crossing the border so they show up for their hearings in months or years from now. Who’s paying the bill for the phones and service?
By the way, how many will throw them away so they can’t be tracked while we are paying that bill?
Maybe closing the border again is a better idea?

The current President just pushed back the loan payments on student loans again. This time to August 31st.
First of all, why?
You incurred the debt, now pay your bill. That’s how life works.
Second, stop with the pandemic.
There are 11.3 million jobs unfulfilled. Take some responsibility and get one to pay YOUR debt.
Third, the progressives are far out of touch with America and our values. They want the debt wiped away. You and I should pay the $1.61 trillion dollars.
The House Progressive leader AOC said this:
“I think some folks read these extensions as savvy politics, but I don’t think those folks understand the panic and disorder it causes people to get so close to these deadlines just to extend the uncertainty. It doesn’t have the effect people think it does. We should cancel them.”
I disagree and I am confident most of you do too.

This story and study on absenteeism in NY and LA was a wow. Think two major liberal cities as you read it:
Student absenteeism has surged during the pandemic, creating another hurdle for teachers trying to get students caught up.
The big picture: 

Chronic absenteeism is categorized as students missing at least 10% of the academic year which can haunt students’ academic outcomes for years.
In Los Angeles, 46% of students in Los Angeles Unified have been chronically absent this year or have missed at least 9% of the academic year.
In New York City, the rate of chronic absenteeism soared to 40% — up from 26% during the 2018-2019 school year.
Between the lines: Chronic absenteeism is disproportionately affecting vulnerable student groups.
In Los Angeles, the chronic absentee rate for Black students is nearly 57% and the rate for Latino students is 49%.

Did you see another of the 10 Republicans who voted to impeach Donald Trump announced he is not running for reelection? He had only served his Michigan district since 1987. His name is Fred Upton and he faced a tough primary race this year thanks to a combination of redistricting and his vote to impeach.
That makes four of the ten not running and when you add Liz Cheney to the list you see half are already impacted. This is not the end of the story.

So we added new sanctions on Russia, which include Russian President Putin’s adult daughters.
My thoughts are the sanctions are not working. They are too minor and if you saw the recent poll out of Russia it showed Putin was fine. Why aren’t we really going after Russia with sanctions? All we have is window dressing and it is not working. Want an example? You heard about the banks we have sanctioned, right? Do you know if it’s a Russian bank that deals in oil revenue they are not being sanctioned? Think about that. Where is the Russian revenue coming from? We are doing window dressing with these sanctions. The media won’t tell you that.

Speaking of the media they are still running with Jan 6th stories daily, especially since Ivanka Trump was before them this week. Yet have you seen anything from them on the breaking stories about Hunter Biden? That is where the breaking news is. The President, his spokesperson and staff lied when they said the President had no idea what his son and brother were doing. If you believe for a second he knew nothing, then I think you are a charter member of the “you can fool some of the people all the time” club.

Did you see the video at the podium when former President Obama was at the White House? They finish and there is President Biden alone looking for a friend to talk too. He is standing there alone as everyone is around five feet away with President Obama. It was sad as he looked back at that and asked someone from the audience to join him. Then as they worked the crowd, how bad it looked as Biden was left out trying to talk to Obama?
If you orchestrated the day to build the President’s image and get positive coverage, I have news for you. You failed. I don’t recall ever seeing a sitting President treated like that.

When I heard of the mass shooting in Sacramento this week I thought, ‘Oh no, how sad, this will be all over the news.’ Except it wasn’t. I wondered why, especially as the shooters were loose. Then they arrested someone and I got it. It was a career criminal who was released early from prison despite vehement opposition for that move. The six people killed and fifteen more wounded are victims of the progressive criminal philosophy. The man served 40% of his term, the courts were begged not to release him.
In California right now 44 District Attorneys are trying to stop the policies that will put 76,000 criminals back in the street early.
It’s too late for the six dead and fifteen injured here; how many more must pay for a failed policy?

Congratulations to Judge Jackson who will be confirmed today. You are setting a precedent and here’s wishing you success. Judge wisely.
It will also mark the first time in our history that white men are not the majority on the Supreme Court as the nation continues to evolve.

Finally, if you watched any part of the House hearing yesterday with the oil executives you saw politics at its worst. Democrats trying to blame them for the rise in oil prices left me thinking one thing. They held this hearing five days too late. It should have been on April Fools Day.
But them again some are fooled all the time.

Have A Great Day. Stay Tuned and Vote. You Can Make The Difference.

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