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Just Ask Yourself

Here’s an analysis this AM in NYT, on the situation in the Ukraine. As you read ask yourself these questions: Wasn’t Putin the aggressor here?
Wasn’t it him who invaded another country and is murdering innocent civilians?
Why are we worried about what he might think?
The West is already providing Ukraine with a large number of weapons, especially shoulder-fired missile systems like Javelins and NLAWs. Those systems have helped Ukraine repel Russian troops in several parts of the country, including around Kyiv.
But Zelensky has criticized the West for not sending a broader array of weapons. He has also asked for fighter jets and S-300 missile systems, which are based on the back of trucks and can shoot down airplanes and missiles. “If we don’t have heavy weapons, how can we defend ourselves?” he said last week. “Just give us missiles. Give us airplanes.”

The West has refused. Some Western military officials argue that these weapons will not help Ukraine as much as Zelensky thinks. But the main reason seems to be a fear that Vladimir Putin might see the weapons as a precursor to a Western invasion of Russia and respond by widening the war, including potentially with nuclear weapons.

Watch The Noise Today

As the oil companies report for the quarter, watch the noise about their profits. As an example – Exxon/Mobil:
They said in a filing Monday that its first-quarter profit could top $9 billion, thanks in part to billions more from rising crude prices.
Now higher worldwide policies caused by a shortage will lead to higher profits in a supply-demand world, right?
Well, this non business administration and progressive supporters will be yelling out loud about this.
They will demand they reduce their profits. As we have said, none of them have run a business.
So ask yourself:
Did they support giving these companies relief when the price of oil dropped a few years ago because of over supply?
Aren’t they promising to put the oil companies out of business with their new green deal? Do they care about that, or is this all one way?

Musk Buys Into Twitter

Wasn’t this interesting? Elon Musk has been speaking out about free speech and how social media might need another voice. Then comes the news that he had bought 9.2% of Twitter.
Interesting, right? Why create a new one if you can buy the original?
This morning Twitter announced they were adding him to their board. Now a little fact that most don’t know.
You can’t be a board member and own more than 14% of the companies stock. (The cap does expire after a time, but is there initially.) What does this arrangement mean for the short and long term?
There is no doubt Twitter has been among the leading banners of conservative thought. Remember they banned Donald Trump, many of his supporters and recently the Babylon Bee (for naming Dr. Rachel Levine their man of the year).
So let me ask, now what happens?
Naming Musk to the board means they (Twitter) know the right is finally coming for them with free speech.
Watch Twitter open and free speech get a revival — finally.

The Supreme Court

As we mentioned at the outset of the process and reiterated yesterday, the nomination of Judge Jackson will be a far cry from the Kavanaugh and Barrett hearings. We also said that Senators Murkowski and Romney would join Sen. Collins and vote yes. Yesterday both said they would.
Let me ask:
Wasn’t this process far less contentious, despite the media reporting about those nasty senators?
Here we have probably the most left leaning judge ever and she goes through smoothly.
Will this make a difference for Democrats the next time a Republican nominates someone? I doubt it.
Lastly, Romney voted “no” on this judge a year ago for a federal position. Now he is a “yes.” Interesting isn’t it? The opposite of Lindsey Graham by the way, who voted “yes” and is a “no” now.

The Hunter Story

This is a story that is gaining traction in the media eighteen months after it broke, which kind of tells me they know something is coming down and they want to limit it to Hunter.
In the meantime two stories break.
The Secret Service is renting a place in Malibu for $30,000 a month to protect Hunter.
Then his daughter (Biden’s granddaughter) will be getting married in the White House in November.
I checked the date and it is after the mid terms, if you’re wondering.

Then there was a story that with the sanctions placed on Russian billionaires one was not included. The husband of the woman who supposedly gave Hunter a check for $3.5 million. Is that all true?
Well, we know for sure he was left off the list. Can we prove the check? I am not sure.

One thing on the President. Yesterday he was clear in calling for a war crimes trial against Russian President Putin. “He’s a war criminal,” was the direct quote.
Let me ask then:
So what now? We need more than words.

One more thing on politics. Last week we told you about a Republican congressional person who resigned. Today we can report a Democrat is resigning:
U.S. Rep. Filemon Vela  is leaving congress immediately. His district is a Dem + 14, but Republicans think they have a shot in it because of changing hispanic voting patterns.
It is a good one to watch since there will be a special election to fill the slot from May to November. It will be a good barometer to see the result and margin.

Finally Today You Hear About Crypto.

Here’s a poll on the topic from Axios. It will probably not surprise you.
More than 1 in 4 young American adults are invested in cryptocurrency — and it’s people under 25 who express the most excitement about everything from electric vehicles to smart-home technology.
What they found:
7 of 10 young adults say they’d drive an electric car if they could afford it.
More than half of 18 to 24 year-olds want drones to deliver to their homes. Older people are more skittish.
67% of Gen Z would love to live in a smart city, and 63% want smart devices for their homes.
Young people are leading the charge toward micromobility: 82% of 18 to 24 year-olds support allowing electric scooters, e-bikes and e-skateboards in public places.

There you have it. Hope your day is great.

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