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No, Joe, No

We awake this morning to the news that the President is going to release a million gallons of oil a day from our strategic reserve for the next few months. The reserve is called the Strategic Reserve for a reason. In times of a national emergency we need a place to get oil to protect our nation. The reserves were filled to the brim a few years ago as the former President took advantage of low prices. A political failure is not the reason to tap the reserve today. A failure to let the American companies loose to do what they do best is not the reason to put a real crisis in the future at risk.
We use 20 million barrels of oil a day. Releasing one million is not the answer Mr. President. Free enterprise is. Take the shackles off the oil companies and get America back to energy independence. Do all the Green you want, but don’t risk our reserve, future and well being because you are following the Political Science.

Florida, Disney And…

So you listen to some of the reports and words from those against the Governor and you wonder if they are talking about the same law he signed.
First of all the bill is not called the “Don’t Say Gay Bill.” It is the “Parental Rights In Education” Bill. That is a creative misleading positioning for those who want to label the Governor and legislators as sexually biased extremists.
Second, it applies only to kindergarteners, first, second and third graders. That’s it, not fourth grade, middle or high school students. I am convinced most people in the nation think it is the “Gay Bill” and applies to all grades.
Third, what it does is ban schools from teaching lessons on gender identity and sexual orientation to children from kindergarten through the third grade. Supporters contend the law is a common-sense affirmation of the rights of parents to expect an age-appropriate classroom environment for children.  In fact, Florida has sex education beginning in the fifth grade.

The President called it hateful. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s husband has been particularly vocal.
Walt Disney has gone wild and changed how they run their parks because of it. In fact, leaked video clips posted show Disney executives promoting gender-neutral language at theme parks and a “gay agenda” in entertainment content.
As an example here’s a quote on why they are changing the greetings they use:
“We don’t want to just assume that because someone might be, in our interpretation, may be presenting as female that they may not want to be called princess.”
Oh, there might be someone who does not want to be called a princess. I see. So we shouldn’t call any little girl who goes to Disney in her princess dress a princess any more. Wasn’t that a draw for so many after watching the movies? Is Disney not Disney anymore?

The Press has presented it as prejudice in our time. The liberals have gone off the deep end.
Now, as a parent or grandparent do you want that taught to 5-8 year olds? Were you taught anything about sexual orientation in kindergarten? Should you have been at that age? Do the kids even have the ability to understand this?

Parents in Florida, in every poll, say they support the law. Yes, even Democratic parents. Now if that surprises you it’s because the media and press are so biased. They led you to think otherwise.
I also saw Hollywood elites railing on the law, but had no idea it was for kindergarteners to third graders. In fact, when told this they accused the person telling them of lying.
They talk about woke. I think it’s time they woke up.

Stories I Found Interesting

The Federal Election Commission has fined Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign and the Democratic National Committee for failing to disclose campaign spending that ended up in the pocket of Christopher Steele, the British spy who authored a Russian-based dossier to damage Donald Trump. The group who brought the charge accused the Clinton campaign and the DNC of conspiring with foreigners in violation of federal campaign finance law to undermine Mr. Trump, who was then the Republican presidential nominee.
The FEC fined Mrs. Clinton’s campaign $8,000 and levied a punishment on the DNC, which must pay a $105,000 penalty. The agency said the two entities “misreported the purpose of certain disbursements.” 

Small fine? Yes, but a true finding of wrong doing. Will we ever get the full truth?

Here’s an early study on one proposal from the new administration budget. It is from the Tax Foundation.
President Biden’s proposal to hike the corporate tax rate to 28% will shrink the U.S. economy and decimate more than 138,000 jobs over the next decade. The study found that if Mr. Biden’s proposal was adopted, the nation’s gross domestic product will shrink by $720 billion over the next decade.
Republicans of course jumped on this.
“With a corporate tax rate of 28%, Biden will drag the U.S. back to a time when businesses sent jobs overseas to countries with friendlier rates,” said Sen. Marsha Blackburn. “American jobs should stay here.”
The President and Democratic allies in Congress said the hike is needed to ensure corporations pay their “fair share,” especially after former President Donald Trump cut taxes across the board in 2017.

This is a case where your vote can decide who is right. I know what I believe.

Interestingly the Washington Post has now joined the New York Times in authenticating the 22,000 emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop. Of course, before the 2020 election when the laptop was recovered, these were ignored by the media and the intelligence community as a “Russia disinformation conspiracy.” Twitter and Facebook censored the reports altogether. A little late for sure.
Now let’s see if they will read the emails and investigate things. What do you think?
By the way, the networks were finally catching up this AM after nine months of never mentioning Hunter’s name. They were on the story from the investigation aspect of taxes. It’s a start.

Everyday brings new surprises. Stay tuned with tomorrow being April fools Day. No telling what we’ll hear.

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